Muslim Cleric warns of attacks on Britain

Islamic extremists could launch 11 September-style terrorist attacks on the UK if it backs military strikes against Iraq, the leader of a radical British Muslim group has claimed.
Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, who leads Al-Muhajiroun, said he was aware of "many" threats of retaliation from overseas radicals if action is taken against Saddam Hussein's regime.

I have a radical statement to make, inspired as I am , by reading that article


How much longer are we going to be tolerating these pricks? We give them sanctuary, to practice their religious views and freedoms, we make sure they're looked after, and healthy and their kids and assorted camp followers are looked after too. Then 100% of the ******* time, the repayment for kindness is this crap, or wailing about persecution, or screaming ******* racial prejeduice. Get the **** out , and take everyone who feels the same as you, with you.

Bloody hell

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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh I can't even use Anglo-Saxon swearwords, me personal freedoms are being eroded.

Bismillah Bad Co, if you continue to use this fehrenghee filtering anglistani tool of Shaitan, I and my persecuted brothers will be forced to act in a descisive fashion against this prosecution of our fundemental rights and beliefs -ya wallah!

Where is family credit cheque?



er, I'm fully with PTP on this one but I can't be arsed typing all that. So, er, what he said. With bells on.
Loololololololololol  ;D ;D ;D


When the glorious day comes, please, please, please can I be the one to put TB against the wall and ask him if he wants to be blindfolded?

But maybe we shouldn't use the SA80 for the firing squad!   ;)
Just upset that the Freedom of Speech we take for granted in this country, is used by the enemies of it, to disseminate their crap.

It wasn't a warning , it was a threat, pure and simple. We have an active 5th column in this country, and the Government , publicly anyway, seem to be too chicken to do anything about it. Or maybe Jack (Good Lad) Straw's hands are tied, yet again?

I think we need to start kicking out a few political undesireables
I insist on taking the post of Minister of Internment and Correction. That way I can imprison all of Eagle's men and lead a bloody counter-coup without resistence.

I also insist on using the Universal Salute of the Revolution.......GLOP!

When the revolution comes brothers!


Tell me more about this 5th column, how can I join and will I decent rifle? I really really want to lay waste to a few(read all) of these gobsh1te b4stards and I would like to do it in a stylish fashion, like an 81mm mortar from the hip...................yippeekiay mofo.........I'll be back!! (in my next life after that trick!!) ;D ;D

Seriously though who are they? Where do they live and lets go get the mutherfcukers! Oh and TB your fcukin next!! :mad: :mad:
Well this will have the duty spook at M****** H*** choking on his Cawfee and Donuts.

Right, so we better start by putting Army Units on the channel tunnel.Might deter a few of the bastards, if they see a GPMG in the way of the land of Milk and Honey.

Anyway, how much rope will I need to abseil down the side of a Mosque?

Or should i just ask Wolverhampton Copshop?  ;D
A few GMPG SF lined up on the various tunnel mouths at the UK end might be interesting.  That coupled with the odd claymoor should have the desired effect...........  Might chip the paint of the trains though.
Always a downside.

But on a serious note, the Channel Tunnel, is the conduit of choice, for boyos who don't want too many questions asked by HM Immigration. Anyone who thinks that a few potential martyrs didn't slip in via that route, is kidding themselves.

So in all seriousness, as a defence asset in times of war, it should have an Army/TA detachment guarding the bloody thing. It would be pathetically easy, to stick a truck full of Jelly on board, and close the tunnel for some time. The economic implications alone, are dreadful.

So, to those in the Big House who read this, can we consider it?


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