Muslim civil servant suspended

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by .Sven, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. What a nice uncivil servant he's turned out to be, lets hope he is sacked.
  2. President of the CS Islamic Society. I wonder if his members are behind him on this.
  3. Post him a cople of pigs ears( pets shelf in Tesco) the wonk
  4. The west is evil for interfering with other countries affairs in Iraq.

    The west is evil for not interfering with other countries affairs in Israel.
  5. We did interfer in Israel and got our arsse kicked in the late 1940s
  6. He won't get the sack. If he does I'll be happily astounded.
  7. Let's hope they sack him properly so he can't go to the Industrial Tribunal for a fat payout like that Baby P woman. :x
  8. I predict a mild ticking off and higher management advice to keep a lower profile.
  9. Never mind sacking or suspending him
    He should be suspended by his sack
  10. The guy SHOULD be sacked.

    He is in IT at the Treasury, which means he will have access to a lot of personal info.

    He is clearly barking, and an extremist or at least influenced by them. His facebook freinds inlcude a gitmo inmate.

    He supports the killing of British people.

    The maths is simple. Sack him.
  11. This story is quite confusing. I suspect the DM is peddling some lies or misleading headlines. I don't think he said killing british troops are justified. He quotes someone saying it but the piece on the DM website (yes, I have been on the DM website and I am the worse for it) doesn't state his response to it. Why not?

    I have found the blog ( - it is full of imo religious nonsense not unlike those found in the blogs of other god botherers. He has probably breached the civil service code and should be suspended for that. Yet no one, not even the DM seems able to back up the claim he said killing british troops is justified.

    If it is untrue, I hope he sues the newspaper for millions.
  12. Thought she got jack-sh1t after it was kicked out?