Muslim c*nt walks free

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by No_Duff, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why did you mention that he's a Muslim? That's racialist!!!!!!!!

    See other threads on the issue and give yourself a spank you naughty boy!
  2. its cos he is a bigot innit :twisted:
  3. Looks like a Mongoloid Peter Sutcliffe!
  4. Was that a Serb shouting "We told you so?"
  5. Quote:

    "They found there was insufficient evidence that the criminal act was racially or religiously motivated - which could have led to a more serious charges and a harsher sentence."

    What part of "Islam" is not religous then?

    Maybe he was referring to someone called "Islam"

    Ahh. (nods head, and walks off)
  6. Why do I want to use a baseball bat on his head?

    Edited because of moral outrage.
  7. just means he can be strung up come the anti muslim backlash :party:
  8. Because you've mislaid the bat?
  9. The sooner this government goes the sooner we can have a clearout of all the Guardian reading b*stards in the criminal "justice" system.

    We really do need to take our country back.
  10. I've found it, P_F ... :twisted: ;)
  11. Liberal do gooder :D
  12. And when is this going to happen :?
  13. Not nearly soon enough Johnboyzzz... not nearly soon enough.

    I will be the first in the queue to volunteer for any "Special Duty" assignments that may come up post revolution though! :twisted:

    Whats Arabic for "Ready Aim Fire" so I can offer the prisoners a translation of the final words they will ever hear?