After two trials we have three men sent down for 108 years suffer the stress of daytime TV and prison food (undoubedtly a hallal option). Am I alone in thinking this punishement is unjust - where does the HARD & NASTY bit come in ? Prison in these circumstances is not denial of priviledges - it must be a bottom wobbling deterent.

Three more to go again for trial (after £60 mil) but better that if it again shows to potential terrorists - this is what will happen if we catch you ...upside down covered in honey and a million soldier ants released for Al Jazeera constant coverage - it works for me.

Which brings us to the public-schoolboy Donald Stewart-Whyte (google the ****) who got away with everything, converted to Islam carried a weapon, hewalks away. ...and the punishment is - champagne ?

A level playing field ? Tory son with leading model sister to enjoy a life of freedom and priviledge. Might have got away with the jury through his lawyer and accent but why not feed him to the ants too ?
I think the Judge also said something like you will undoubtedly die in prison. Just hope they all stay in prison and do not feature in some sort of do gooder prisoner release in 10 years or so!!
Disappear them. Let no one know what happened to them, no bodies no nothing. They are untermensch.

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