Muslim accosts injured Para in hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Muslim accosts injured Para in hospital
    Daily Telegraph Link
    Ahh good old freedom of speech! :D
  2. Ths is not acceptable:

    Muslim accosts injured Para in hospital
    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 02/10/2006)

    "A paratrooper wounded in Afghanistan was threatened by a Muslim visitor to the British hospital where he is recovering.

    Seriously wounded soldiers have complained that they are worried about their safety after being left on wards that are open to the public at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham.

    On one occasion a member of the Parachute Regiment, still dressed in his combat uniform after being evacuated from Afghanistan, was accosted by a Muslim over the British involvement in the country........";jsessionid=NUF11A3NUJ4DNQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2006/10/02/ntroops02.xml
  3. What an Outrage, Your Soldiers deserve the best Care & Security while they Convalecse from their wounds.

    Isnt it possible to at least put a Sentry on their wards to Protect them from such things?
  4. Sorry RT, we both appear to be awake and alert while everyone is asleep and I rather think your choice of location is probably more appropriate!

    Regards and best wishes to you
  5. Best time to read Monday's papers is at 2300 on Sunday night! :D
  6. That is just so... I can't... :? ... :evil: .... :cry:
  7. But how would the sentry protect the ward?

    Laying his hands on the protestor would almost certainly lead to a charge of racially aggravated assault. 6 months in jail for the sentry and a fat wad of legal aid for the protestor to sue the MOD for violating his human rights.

    If the patient was typical of the few paratroopers I have met, I'm sure he had a few choice words of his own to add to the debate. Perhaps he needs to be more worried about this during his stay in hospital.
  8. I would push for the 'brother' who said this to be forcibly reunited with his 'family' in Afghanistan.

    Why, in this day and age, are these men being put in the open ward and not afforded the privacy of a side room?

    Beebs x
  9. -Sorry, didnt realize, as here in the States anyone trying to harass a Soldier in a Hospital would be arrested for trespass, harrassment, making Terroristic threats, etc.

    Granted that most of our Wounded stay in Military Hospitals which have an MP presence. In the case of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. Protestors are kept off the Grounds completely.
  10. I assume the soldier was arrested for Offensive behaviour and the Islamist gentleman who had been insulted by the face of the oppressor has received compensation.
  11. It's not good, and this stems from the closure of military hospitals. When RNH Haslar was announced as a prospective closure, one of the concerns was security and safety of military personnel. Assurances were made at the time that security would be taken into consideration. Of course, the move of the Defence Medical Services to Birmingham has brought it's own huge problems. Second Sea Lord visited the RN Nurses training up there, and was horrified. Not only had they lost the Dark Blue ethos (not carrying ID cards, not generally aware of how the RN works, etc), but they were being used as free labour on the wards to cover short shifts, weekends, etc. I know that Liebour moved everything up there to create jobs, but we are now facing a different enemy. What would realistically stop someone from going up there and doing real harm to our guys on the wards? The MOD spokesman is lying, pure and simple, in that he knows that there is no way of protecting these people unless they put armed guards on the wards. And that was suggested during a security review but dismissed.....just another example of the Forces being shafted, but nothing will happen. As Tim Collins said on GMTV this morning, the British public just don't care enough, and we are not vote winners.
  12. The national lottery generates more than enough cash to fund a decent modern hospital in each county in UK yet they squandered it on the dome.

    Re MOD medical services; they should immediatly U turn on the decision to scrap BMH's, not least because of the growing numbers that are likely to need help for (and I hate this word) MENTAL problems that are likely to arise from current operations.

    Re muslim berating an injured soldier; the home secretary should implement RTU proceedings (days not years!) regardless of that 'human rights' chestnut...
  13. This is disgraceful - I think an email to my MP is in order.
  14. It stems more from an absence of reason. Perhaps if the Para’s oppos or family had accosted the nearest Muslim and ranted that ‘your Muslim brothers tried to kill my boy and have already killed some of his colleagues’ there would be hell on. As it is, no action will be taken, no minister will be outraged and appeasement and praise for the multi cultural society will continue apace.