Muslem graves desicrated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. This is one of the most dispicable non-violent crimes I know of, anlong side vandalising war memorials.

    But if it is the afro-carribean youth doing this (and not a stitch up by the BNP et-al) the I wonder how the race relations people are going to handle it? Will they be willing to bandy around the racialism card as they would if white youth commited the crime??
  2. I'm sure the Police will investigate this thoroughly and use DNA to find out the race of the perpetrators. If it turns out it was whites, the full weight of the law will fall on them. If it was done by an ethnic minority, I look forward to watching the community leaders explain that one? There can be no excuse for the desecration of graves.... notwithstanding the graves of suicide bombers of course.
  3. I may be wrong but I did not think that Muslims marked (Head stones etc) of their dead?
  4. Yup. You're wrong. Try not being aware of them in Sarajevo/Bihac and - when they can blag the cost of them - Baghdad/Tikrit etc.
  5. Anyone who desecrates graves or memorials is despicable, attacking truly defenceless targets is just base cowardice. Condolences to all who have been affected.

    A good point though Speedy; will the afro caribs who seemingly perpetrated this disgusting act be branded as racist scum, or will it be quietly swept under the carpet as a "matter of cultural differences"?

    Considering the rank hypocrisy of the CRE and the rest of the race relations industry, I know which option I'll be putting my money on...
  6. Thanks for clearing that up, must be just some versions of the faith, although Ive never been to Sarajevo etc, I have worked in Qatar, Saudi and currently in Afghanistan and they mark the grave yards out but not the individual graves. Always wondered how they didnt dig up the old stiffs.
    Thanks again
  7. RTFQ


    Now would be the opportune moment for an organisation predominantly seen as white (WI, Rotary Club etc) in the local area to stand up and offer to pay for the repairs as an olive branch/bridge building exercise. It would raise us as 'host nation' above the noise of the Quatre Bras that is happening in Birmingham and re-establish what being British is about. It won't happen though because the Britain that used to think that way either never existed or died long before I was born, and we're all quite comfy in our dugouts.
  8. Happens across Graveyards in the UK all the time, mindless vandals!!!!
  9. Not just confined to different faith or ethnic groups. I couldn't work out why my father's gravestone had "murderer" splashed over it in red paint until someone pointed out that it was the "anninversary" of the Dresden raid and that the carving on the gravestone included RAF in it.
  10. RTFQ


    Unfortunately this kind of thing will always happen in divided populations where the majority lack the intelligence, moral courage or means to argue their case correctly. The reality of racial politics means that they don't have representatives in the executive arguing for them (it's incorrect don't you know) and the only people willing to listen are the thugs and extremists. Cheap shots against those people's graves replace coherent debate at community and parliamentary level, and they're done in a language that the grass roots can understand.

    Until we shake off Political Correctness and small minded fools with 4-year ambitions, we won't have an outlet for racial tension in this country. Those who hold the levers that will threaten our society think long term, and they know we won't engage our brain until the flames reach our door. They also know it will be too late by then.
  11. No, I don't understand why "people get frustrated" relates to the funeral in Leeds of a suicide bomber (who by his actions has pretty much flown in the face of the principles of Islam) AND to the desecration of Muslim graves in Birmingham, by Afro caribs who've reportedly been involved with "members of the muslim community" in a drugs turf war.

    The only link I can see is that they're all muslim graves. What are you trying to say, all muslims are suicide bombers? That's a very easy supposition to make from your post.

    That sort of lazy argument is just giving ammo to the Commission for Racial Equality, who can then justify their cock-eyed view of the world, as giving balance.
  12. Jesus chr1st, it's happening to me again.

    How did you get all muslims are suicide bombers from that?

    I was mearly pointing out that many of the less educated members of our society do not sit around on sites (such as arrse) debating politics and such like. Many lash out with actions such as this.

    You need to stick to the decaf.

    Of course the obvious counter argument is that these people wouldn't read BBC to know where he was being buried.
  13. I was pointing out that your argument was easily interpreted as such, and thatthis can be used by the usual suspects to justify their own bias.

    Decaf is for puffs.
  14. Being at work, it is not always easy to type war and peace on a subject. However, I will try and ensure what I write is interpreted correctly.