Muslem girl loses case at the House of Lords

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Just been announced by the Beeb that the Muslem schoolgirl who tried to bend the rules to suite herself has lost her case. The lords found in favour of the school. More to come once the news channels post the story.
  2. This wouldn’t be a return to common sense would it?

    Edit - link found
  3. What, common sense is back? Nah, must be a wah
  4. Here we go.
    Given that her brother who caused all of this is a member of a very nasty religious group indeed and raised the funds to take this all the way from sources who don't have the UK's best interests at heart make this exccellent news. Didn't the Wide Mouth Frog represent her?
  5. Yes she did. Chuffed.
  6. I can't believe the audacity of this family - yet another example of a significant Muslim minority wanting all the perks of British life, but refusing to integrate and comply in return. They've probably even had legal aid funding to launch this appeal.

    When I was at school you accepted the school rules whether you liked them or not - if you had a serious problem (not something as trivial and insignificant as the dress code) you could always go to another school instead. Every parent is made aware of a school's policies before their child is admitted - if they didn't like the absence of the kebab from the uniform list they could have quietly drifted to another school without kicking up a stink and costing the tax payer a fortune.
  7. What bemused me was how far the school had already bent over backwards to suit the muslims, so that the uniform was almost as muslim as you could get without wearing a burkha. So this was clearly just a p1ss-taking exercise to test our collective patience (or weakness?) from the start. I suggest she removes herself to Turkey or Tunisia and sees how she gets on there.

    The "if you don't like it, F*** OFF!" message needs to be made louder and clearer.
  8. It's quite interesting to read the story that came out when she won her case in the appeal court. Appeal court

    All I can say to those individuals who started spouting off about how much of a victory it was, and how it showed Islam was being vilified is they were talking a load of absolute rubbish. The only landmark victory has happened today when common sense has prevailed. :D
  9. the house of lords made the right decision regarding this case as in my oppinion it causes major problems in schools with safety and everyone in school should wear the same uniform so they dont look different
    when the school girl in question is 18 years of age and can make up her own mind then she can decide to wear the jilbab
    the school had allowed her to wear shalwar kameez (trousers and tunic )
    every female should be treated the same with the same respect in school
  10. She could go to Tunisia or Turkey and see how things are there. Or better still, save their governments the bother of prosecuting her for Islamist dress, and just go to her parents' village in Pakistan, where I am sure the lack of emancipation will be just the ticket and life will be just dandy
  11. The UK should adopt more stricter immigration rules, like the Dutch have. This should help curb the problems that all this petty bull is causing.

    Dutch Immigration Policy Info here
  12. Erm, yes - but she isn't an immigrant. You'll probably find her parents are a good deal less nutty
  13. She claims to be a strict observer of islam - on the wireless this morning she said she has 'fundamentalist views'. Given that fundamentalist muslims believe that women should not be educated, that her whole case should be built around school seems rather odd. In fact, the whole 'human rights' furore about whether she can dress as a ninja or not seems somewhat trivial compared to the way women are murdered in 'honour killings', raped as punishment for crimes committed by their male relatives, stoned to death for adultery, and generally denied much in the way of rights at all in many islamic countries.

    She's certainly missed out on education. Perhaps she should spend some time learning about what happens to women who complain about 'human rights' in some islamic countries.
  14. I would also heartily recommend a government-funded single ticket for a factfinding mission to somewhere appropriately Islamist for her.