Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dpcw, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Now I know my posting history is quite low compared to other members on here, but felt the need to type my piece. it is possible that somewhere in the numerous posts a lot of this has been said, for that I apologise.

    Having been reading with interest the new restrictions being imposed on anybody with a connection to the MOD.

    On deployments it has long been the case that the British armed forces are forced to "make do" with equipment shortages and lack of the comforts that other armed forces take for granted, it was just something that you put up with. Despite this, the performance of individuals and units concentrating on doing their jobs to the best of their ability has been a source of pride, to the servicemen involved and to the country as a whole. Upon return from deployment you rapidly forgot the about the shortages and built upon the lessons learnt.

    However, times have changed. Deployed servicemen can now instantly complain about conditions, in-country policy, seemingly ridiculous policies etc. and gain a worldwide audience who seize upon these comments as "proof" that its all going wrong. Perhaps it is going wrong, I have now been out longer than I was in and so have lost touch with how things are in the forces.

    Having spent time both on both sides of the wire has given rise to strong feelings about the direction this country is moving. So in no particular order here are my ramblings, which have been kept generalised deliberately. These are not aimed at anyone in particular, but if you read them and feel a yourself turn red, then it might have been directed at you.

    1) People complain, they always have and always will, live with it.
    2) Now matter how many times you tell people, someone will open their mouth and say something they should not have. Its human nature, live with it.
    3) The more you try to suppress the truth, the more truths are spoken. Read your history.
    4) No matter how hard you try Plato’s Republic is unworkable. Talk to a philosopher.
    5) You are in the position you are to manage resources for the good of the collective, not to manage the members of the collective for the good of the resources.
    6) If someone disagrees with your point of view, do not invent new rules to silence them. Diverse and differing opinions (now matter how extreme) are part of a democracy, not a threat to a democracy.
    7) If something is not working as well as it should be then try applying ochams razor, you might be amazed at how much time, effort and money you save.
    8) People will always have their own thought and opinions (see point 4)

    I am now going to lapse back into relative silence again.

    (edited to add - never use numbering again as 8 is a smiley)
  2. Hmmmmm .... what paper, or freelance perhaps?
  3. Nope. My soul is my own.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hmmmm - check the post history next time Bambi Old Chap!!!!

    I think that the Red Faced comment is aimed squarely at MGDC.
  5. we are not here talking now about, crappy camp beds that had a failure rate of 50% as on my last deployment nor are we talking about the fact it took 4 out of the 6 months to get some sort of shower and washing facilities sorted out, nor that there was only 3 sat phones for the whole sqn. those along with the jion the army see the world join unit X and clean the barsteward.

    what we are talking about is when we have to issue 10 rounds per man on operations becuase someone up the food chain didnt want to make a fuss,

    Have to hand over CBA because it wasnt a personal issue tell the world that the incoming is hot and hairy while everyone else at home thinks its a soft hat humanatarian tour! And the like.........
  6. Hence point 5.
  7. I don't think the people those apply to will be reading them (their butlers may, though). They're probably too busy quaffing gin and congratulating each other on their step towards shutting squaddies up.