Musicians Wanted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CardinalSin, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. I know this one probably seems a bit wierd, but I'm looking for musicians on the arrsenet. I play guitar, bass and sing a bit but wonder if anyone wants to collaborate on some stuff - basically each person records a track to MP3 and then we do a bit of import/export to some software programme (like Cubase or similar) and end up with an ARRSE song!

    Alternatively - anyone in the Midlands area want to turn up to meetings of The Electric Guitar Appreciation Society - basically a big old jam session (no not the preservative) twice a week, centred around Hinckley and Nuneaton. If so, PM me and I'll give you the gen.

    Sorry there was no swearing or naked pictures on this post.
  2. plugging your Elvis-Walt group?
  3. Is this a wind-up? Electric Guitar Appreciation Society?

  4. Hey CS, found you pic, didnt you used to be in Dr who ?

  5. I can play a mean skin-flute, does that help? :D
  6. Ouch! Disco - ou cheeky f***er, not me I'm afraid - though I do know the bloke (Big Trev who runs a music shop in Hinckley). Do you really think that I'd be in the IS roster with a big grey bouffant? :wink:

    I don't really think playing the "geetar" is waltish is it? You get to wear civvies and pretend that you're NOT in the Army (pretend to be cool instead - and hope that birds will throw their knickers on stage)!

    It's a pukka-gen club - I know the name is a bit cheesy but there we go, the price of progress and all that.... I have to put up with the old blokes who want to play Shadows songs but there we go - perks of the job eh?
  7. I hear Armourer is a virtuoso on the pink oboe
  8. Can you play the PEE ANN OOO
  9. If you can mix a rather fine operatic voice in there. I may have something for you CS :D
  10. toot toot 8)

    I can strum for NATO :twisted:
  11. So can I

    What style of music are you thinking of and explain the details of collaborating over the net, I’ve never tried anything like this before.
  12. it depends what kind of (music) stuff you're into mate. I'll PM you.
  13. Count me in too CS, top idea. I've got a track here waiting for lyrics and vocals :)