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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by philarmy, May 7, 2012.

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  1. I have been asked for my my help in procuring the services of a musical bloke for the final dine out of a Cav WO1 at a tri-service establishment near Catterick. Someone to bugle/pipe/drum him in would be perfick! The lucky bugger will be recompensed for his efforts of course. I have tried a couple of Arty regts in the area and tomorrow I'll try the ceremonial place at ITC Catterick. Can anyone offer any other decent contacts? It's for this Friday.
  2. Tried the Jock Guards in Catterick?

    They provided a Piper for our Mess.

  3. Good call, thanks.
  4. Bugler here, whats the date for it?

    Cancel that, didnt see it was this Friday! I beleive the Bugleing school os near Catterick, if not one of the local infantry battalions.
  5. Friday! Nothing like preparing to fail is there?

    Give the Army School of Ceremonial a ring, they may have a suitable young lad who is approaching the end of their course.

    Failing that they should know of all the musical types nearby. There is also an RAC band (can't remember which one) based down teh road in Parva lines. You could try them, again they may be feeling generous, I think they are the heavy band, so if your 22 year bloke is the right capbadge they may feel the urge.

    The Royal Signals TA band is based near by too.

    I'd expect to have to grovel and possibly pay a fair whack to get someone at this notice.
  6. I know...why do I get put in charge of looking for rocking horse shit with a week to go, immediately before a bank holiday weekend?

    Tried ASC and got nothing to I may just have to stand outside the Mess and start playing the kazoo when he arrives. They were my best bet I reckon.
  7. make-kazoo-out-comb-800x800.jpg
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  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I am the music man , what can you play sir ? I can play wiv myself , wiv myself .... ohhappy daze .
  9. I'm 10 miles from Catterick and if you provide the triangle, I can "ting" when you want.
  10. Ting Ting?
  11. Lucs and Ratshit, put him on the list.
  12. I have already suggested the comb and tracing paper to the RAF WO who gave me this shit task.

    Here's his other suggestion. His junior SNCO is Fijian (from 29 Regt RA) and can no longer make it so I agreed to fill in. He was hoping to have the grace delivered in Fijian. I don't know much Fijian other than 'munchinana' but I do know a fair smattering of Arabic and he decided he would like me to say grace in Arabic. Now I just need to find some Arabic insults to add to the bismillah for my own amusement. Or I could suggest he has a rethink seeing as I'm doing him a favour.

    In the meantime, still no joy with buglers etc. I have tried 1SG and Garrison FM. More attempts to follow this afternoon. I won't be beaten this easily.
  13. If you are finding it difficult to procure a military musician then just hire a civilian instead.

    Chuck a uniform on him and let the guy play to his heart's content.

    If anyone complains about his lack of military bearing and dress standards just explain he's from the TA.
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  14. You could always rope in a couple of others and form a skiffle group. You with the bog paper & comb and the others with a washboard and tea-chest with broom handle & length of string. :)

  15. What time frame is it, late evening? Any accomodation or expenses etc?