Musician thrown off train

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Temple, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. I suppose they will be asking every business man on trains now to tell them what's on their laptops....
  2. Stasi Britain at it's best.
  3. Doesn't anybody also feel a little sad that writing is seen as an odd behaviour; one which is deemed serious enough to warrant questioning by security. :cry:

    I imagine he possibly would have fitted in a little more had he been listen to loud tinny music, playing from either a mobile phone or a sub £150 laptop; whilst sat in the centre of the carriage.
  4. My sympathies lie with the bobbies - after 13 years of educational Marxist madness, any 25-year-old who can actually write is bound to be an object of suspicion. Fair cop, lads. :police:
  5. Two sides to the story?
    What did the lentil eating,pot smoking,sandal wearing, Guardian reading,Marxist leaning,tofu knitting,Miaow-Miaow dealing,scruffy and smelly,Labour supporting,anti fox-hunting,wee shite say to the Guard?
  6. I know it's not important, but what have the police got to do with this story??
  7. You're right - it said officials who work closely with the police. My bad :)
  8. I'm afraid so - if you read the public statement on the matter from the rail company it reads with a sinister undertone of regardless we are right. How accountable are these people who "work closely" with the police?

    How far we have come in 13 years............
  9. Essentially, they (Labour) have created positions of authority which seem to attract and employ people who wouldn't have previously been given/trusted with responsibility or authority.

    Can you see any government undoing this though?
  10. That's a bit much mate 8O Where in the article did it say he was vertically challenged :?
    Seems writing has become anorak like train and plane spotting :)
  11. My bold - I seem to remember that words to that effect were used to explain what type of person within the Nazi regime went onto perpetrate genocide 1933 -45.

    Will a new Govt unpick these quasi police bodies? I doubt it.
  12. Stasi? Really?! He was just asked what he was doing- not that unusual, and yes, while this might have turned out to be a little bit OTT in this case, but there's something rather insulting to both sides about comparing it to the actions of the Stasi... get a grip, people?
  13. No room for the voice of reason here, why are you acting so suspicously?