Musical memories tra la la!!

Is there any bit of music or song, that when you hear it, it takes you back to a happy/sad/scary/time or incident?

Just heard a bit of music today on the wireless and it took me straight back to Germany in the early 80s.

The song that does it for me is Dexy's Midnight Runners, 'Geno':

Back in the early 80s when we were holding back the might of the 3rd Shock Army, three mates and I decided we were going to drive to the Mosel Valley from sunny Herford and have a weekend drinking piss and seeing sights but mainly drinking piss.

So, we packed up the Datsun 120Y with a 9x9, yellow handbags and various tins of compo and headed South.

The map we had was of such a scale that Germany was about the size of the palm of your hand so it took us a little longer to get to the Mosel than we anticipated.

When we did finally get there, due to woeful under planning we had no idea where we were going to camp as unsurprisingly the 'map' did not show campsites.

We started to drive around hoping to come across a campsite and for those of you who have been there, the Mosel is very hilly and the night we were there it was also very foggy. We headed uphill in the dark and the higher we got, the thicker the fog got and the loster we became.

Then just as we thought we were going to have to camp up on the side of the road we came to the gates of some campsite. As we did this, on the radio (might have been BFBS but not too sure if it would have been in that part of the Fatherland at that time) came the opening bars to ‘Geno’.

So into the site we drove with all four of us shouting out the chorus, “Oh oh Geno”. We were not too popular when we started to set the 9x9 up either, on that point the sound of tent poles clattering about is quite an evocative sound as well.

Every time I hear the opening bars to ‘Geno’ I am straight back to the Mosel Valley, stuck in the back of a 120Y, the smell of a damp 9x9 in my nose, empty Herfy bottles rattling about and four young squaddies not realizing they were having the time of their lives.
Most certainly. I often find myself humming a tune that somehow just seems to match the activity that I might be doing at the time, however, there are two songs that provide the almost perfect bookends to my marriage.

The first is "Down Under" by Men at Work. This song was the theme used by the crew of Australia 11 when they defeated the yanks in the Americas Cup in 1983. On the day of the final race I proposed to my wife.


The second is "Throw Your Arms Around Me" by Hunters and Collectors. This song marks for ever the realisation that the marriage was over and it was time to go.

Saturday morning kids TV themes, bring back a lot of memories :-D




Spot on slick but where is theme from the aeronauts?

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