Music You Like Which Is Bad

I'd have posted this one, personally, what with the lyrics being what they are an' all.
I wonder if this thread's about to go off on an interesting tangent.
Stop posting GG stuff - he gets royalties on it, you know.
You could try the Glitter Band instead. Apparently they are still going.
They have their sordid past as well.
Go and see who the bass player (ex Slade) is... and what he got up to.
No love for the Captains log?

Bad music is subjective, but I do like this ear worm

Trashy as hell, and Patricia Morrison rather easy on the eye for a fat bird



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I remember dancing like a loon to this one back in the 80's I've still got got the extended 12 vinyl lurking around somewhere

What's bad about that? I've never heard it before, but like it a lot


Come on, admit it...... I bet someone out there sung along to this:



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Come on, admit it...... I bet someone out there sung along to this:

4 July 1982. My last significant date in 15/19H before transferring out. HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, CI, GCVO, GCStJ, Colonel in Chief, arrived to present a new guidon. We trained from February. It was also the RSM's last act before commissioning. Nothing was going to go wrong in his big day.

Come the day, about 0600 those who didn't sleep through the thunderstorm (stand lie fast LCpl Alien, the renowned sleeper-through of mortar attacks on Lisanelly Barracks) helped shift an ancient oak, struck by lightning and blocking the entrance to the regimental square. God obviously saw JC (RIP) as a threat and needed to put him in his place.

Thereafter, everything quickly got back on track. We got to the bit where Maggie, Gawd bless her, set off to inspect the regiment.

God obviously saw a chance for another go, and switched the Bandmaster's music. Maggie found herself inspecting us to The Birdie Song. The groans were audible in the ranks, but drowned out to the viewing guests by their own laughter.

God cursed again, and brought down another almighty storm. Maggie didn't notice. Her ADC did a good job of keeping a brolly over her head.

Edit. I shudder to think about the cost of replacing hundreds of No 1 Dress Hats. Mine was never the same after the downpour. Good job I exchanged it when I transferred out a few weeks later.
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Moog music, produced by the Moog synthesiser

I love Moog stuff. I've got a Minitaur and Grandmother along with a load of the effects pedals they were putting out a few years back. In the past I've had one of the theremins, Sub Phatty and Sub 37. The other day I have a chance to play on their new poly synth and it's a machine but at £7k way out of my price range.

Behringer have done a clone of the Model D which is the synth that video is about. It costs about 250 quid and is quality for the price.

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