Music you know you shouldnt be listening too!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by 5.56mm, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Recently I have being on the internet alot more, too much time on my hands. Due to this I have being active on youtube alot, watching videos but moreover listening to music.

    I am from a generation of people where I would be expected to be intrested in RNB, Dance etc and I am in some ways, yes. The thing is though I have found myself listening to older and in some ways cheesier music, the kind of music with someone with glasses the size of new york and a long mullet would be found singing. Now don't get me wrong I like the tunes, think they are great, just am getting worried about my liking for the tunes and I probaly shouldn't be listening to them.

    So anyone one here listen to music that they shouldn't and if they were to be found out they would be bullied to austrailia and back?
  2. Riverdance and Gailic Music

    edited to add: -puts on tin hat and expects incoming flak!-
  3. Internet music is very like internet porn. You can try out stuff you'd never dream of buying in a shop.

    I, for one, have a playlist called 'National Anthems of the World' and I'm very partial to some of the recordings the Red Army Choir did in the 1960s (blends superbly with early stuff from Black Sabbath and Rainbow. But it's best to use earphones if you're listening to the Soviet National Anthem in the RBL bar).

    Regarding the porn - I couldn't possibly comment other than to say that Sven really needs to buy a webcam with a lens cap.
  4. I've just been listening to The Ink Spots, an old easy listening band from the forties i think. Don't ask.
  5. I've got some Gregorian Chant on my iPod - very soothing after a good night out -and I'm an atheist!

    I'll get me cassock.
  6. Enya.
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  7. Hands up on that 5.56mm,

    Cajun music - brought on by the film, ' Southern Comfort ' especially the opening theme by Ry Cooder.

    Then the stuff in the in the village at the end of the film when the swampies are moving in.

  8. Rage against the machine, if they ever met me they'd hate me for what I believed in.

    Gogol Bordello, random gypsy punk but strangely addictive.
  9. you u too? wat can i say? u got taste
  10. erm well, the cartoons - Witchdoctor

    if any1 remembers them, it like so embaressing