Music weapon


Honduras' de facto leaders blasted loud music outside the embassy where Manuel Zelaya is sheltering
the caretaker government sent the army to play loud rock music, military band tunes, church bells and recordings of pig grunts over loudspeakers outside the embassy...
It seems to me that 'music weapon' was used previously

Pop stars tell the U.S. military to stop using their songs to 'break' terror suspects
'sonic bludgeon' by the U.S. military against prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Human rights groups are protesting that blasting tracks such as Britney Spears's Baby One More Time and Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. into cells at high volumes for hours on end can cause the inmates longterm psychiatric problems.
The Spams used in in Panama in 1989 to try to drive Manuel Noriega out of the Apostolic Nunciature, the Holy See's embassy in Panama.
Nothing new chaps...

The British Army has classed the bagpipes as a weapon of war since 1745...
I thought this was going to be about frisbee cymbals with razor sharp edges, trombone mortars, bongo bombs and the such. Like this:

IIRC the Frogs experimented with sound weapons but here's a beginners guide:
A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound « stalker

We had a new manager when I was a British Aerospace Guided Weapons back in the '60s who was an absolute shit, so to take our revenge we rigged up a frequency generator running at about 16Mhz (just too high to actually hear) and pumped it into his office via a rather powerful amplifier. After a month of very bad headaches he quit for a 'less stressful' job. :)
During the Dhofar war,we were sent,from UK,a Psyops team,commanded by a Cav officer who was ex RAC Para Sqn.One of their ideas was to play propaganda,from large loudspeakers,over the border,at the enemy.When this was tried,it did attract a good deal of mortar/arty fire,and was not universally popular.However the recorder/playing kit was small,so we recorded a particularly fierce small arms contact,This was then played during an ambush.The enemy ran away from the noise of firing,and towards us.It works well once!

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