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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by joff, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hey all.

    I'm a norwegian musician, and i'm putting together a music video for a song i've made. Does anyone have any footage from afghanistan og iraq that I can use?
    I'm looking for headcam or personal footage of patrols-desert-villages-weapons etc. Not actual confrontations, but footage that shows the everyday life of the men and women serving their country.

    Thanks ;)
  2. I have a video of me disco dancing in Iraq, dressed only in a pair of Ron Hill tracksters with the buttocks cut out. Any good?
  3. I'm sure that looks fab, but not exactly what i'm looking for ;)
  4. A little sampling of your music might help. You will find that people want to know what they'll get associated with (I would!). This isn't X-Factor you know. If you sing Norwegian folklore about 'a 1000 fjords', it might be a tough sale. Knowing Scandinavian folks it will be some snuff death metal 'smash in my back door with your helmet' kindda stuff. You got something on youtube?
  5. "Is this you "Joff" ?

    MySpace - Joff - 33 - Male - Oslo, NO -"

    Yup. That's me ;) This is for a different project, though. Nice detective-work btw ;)
  6. I totally understand, viceroy. The song is not released yet, so i can't post it anywhere, but if anyone has any footage, I'll send them the song and they can let me know if they like it. And if they do, they can send me the footage..
    It's definitely not x-factor or snuff death metal ;) And I will show whoever contributes the video before I release it, so they can verify that they're behind everything. I wouldn't dream of using any personal material in a wrong way.
  7. I saw you (when you were in Span) at the West End Centre in Aldershot (UK) just after "Mass Distraction" album was brought out. One of the best concerts I ever saw. I was expecting the band to be one of the next big things, but it was not to be :-( All the best with your new project, is it going to be of a rock type sound?

    P.S - Do you have a spare copy Vs. Time I could have? I can't find a copy anywhere!

    YouTube - Span - Papa
  8. Joff, were you in the band Span?
  9. I'll see if I can get a hold of it here in norway ;) It's become kinda hard to get.... The new project is different, but (even though I'm biased) great ;)

    You know anyone who might have some footage for a video?

  10. Yes. You heard it?
  11. Yeah, pretty cool sound, turbo rock 'n' roll commandos or something? Will you sign my tits?
  12. Sure, as long as they're bigger than mine..
  13. I'm really fat. Just watched your Dog Almighty video for Already There and I had a little bit of poo come out, it's quite scary.
  14. Sorry but I don't have any footage - but try asking here Infantry
    They might be able to help you.