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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Howler, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. May sound silly and unimportant, but it's bloody annoying!

    I download CDs and MP3s onto my laptop, then to my Sony Ericson for the gym. However, they've got a f*cking annoying habit of playing loud music from about 6 different speakers and the running machines are about 10 in a line and get quite noisy.
    How can I increase the volume as the default setting seems too quiet?
    My earphones are good, the phone and laptop work fine and I turn it up to full belt.

    Any ideas?
  2. If you are using the earphones that sit on your ear with a band holding them to your head then it is possible that they could be an open-backed design which will bleed noise IN and out.

    Unless you are very lucky with the shape of your ear holes, ear-bud types are nice and loud but also bleed IN as well as out due to small gaps where the shape of your bud doesn't touch parts of your ear.

    The best types of earphones for being out and about in IMHO are the in-ear ones, those ones that plug right in your ear canal. The first pair of these I ever owned were Sony and looked exactly the same as the ones I see with Sony Ericsson logos on them hooked up to phones. I thought these were good but I still had to turn my MP3 player right up when sitting on the tube, and it still wasn't enough. So they weren't actually good enough.

    Get some Sennheiser or Shure earphones. You look up some reviews for some detailed opinions on them but regarding volume, I own a Shure pair and I can't turn my MP3 player up beyond 3/4 or it hurts. The driver sensitivity is alot better which is why they're louder, volume notch for volume notch.

    Alternatively, there is this built in volume limiter thing in my Sony MP3 player that I have turned off. It warns you that you can damage you ears but I thought it was just too damned quiet. Don't know if this exists in your phone.
  3. I don't wanna seem like a boring parent or anything, but be careful with how loud you can turn it up without realising.
    Had an auditory test a few weeks ago and according to the nurse the volume i listen to my iPod regularly is destroying my hearing.
    That said...
    Sennheiser sport in ears are brilliant, they're noise cancelling, so they'll block off the treadmills and speakers etc.
    They look the business too.
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