Music to Sh...make Love to

What music gets you going when you make Love? Mrs Driver likes a rousing version of Colonel Bogey played by a Military Band, She likes me to emulate a football match when we are at it. 45 minutes each way with a brass band at half time.
'Ace of Spades' - Motorhead, for that romantic touch.
How about Fire Starter or for a gentle start building to a crescendo Bohemian Rhapsody.
45 minutes each way and a brass band? I could fit it all in during the adverts and still have time to make a cuppa ;)
I touch myself-The Divinyls! May as well get used to finishing yourself off girls!!
Closer by Nine Inch Nails
See, I think the distinction is important...

Making love? Barry White, of course. Preferably on a zebra-skin rug under a black light, with a velvet painting of a naked lady with an Afro riding a tiger on the wall.

Sh@gging? Rammstein, naturally. Followed by a rousing post-orgasm chorus of "Who are ya? Who are ya?" Mine, not his.
Eric clapton - Bell bottom blues or you look wonderful tonight. works like a charm 8)
How about 'The Gentle Art of Making Enemies' by Faith no More


'Push it' by Static X

'Walk with me in hell' by Lamb of God is also good.

But for real lurrrrve making 'Unfamiliar Ceilings' by fightstar. Magnificent.
'Love will tear us apart' - Joy Division.

'Hurt' - Johnny Cash

'Chirpy-chirpy Cheep Cheep' - Middle of the Road.
to drunk to fuck by the dead kennedys, story of my life.

just ask the missus
Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
The minute waltz so i can time myself

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