Music to run to?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by woozieuk1, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. I dont think that I am in minority when i say that i get board very quickly when running. its just that i cant seem to find any great music to run to........Any ideas?

  2. I asked this question a few months ago, use the search button at the top. There were a few good suggestions.
  3. What kind of board? Chipboard? Cardboard?

    Doesn't carrying this board make running difficult, especially if it's windy?

    On really windy days I'd listen too Foo Fighters with "Learn to fly" if I were you.

    I've never tried getting board while running, but I did get wood on a recent jog...........................
  4. Fast thrash metal or punk or dance music-fast music naturally raises your heart rate...
  5. Don't do any running until Monday. Then go and buy AC/DC's new album. Stick that on your MP3 player and you'll be ok.
  6. Good shout on Ac/dc! They're playing soon, oh yeah!
  7. Assuming you want to raise your heart rate artificially that is. What kind of training are you doing?

    I listen to early Metallica or similar when doing intervals for power and speed but listen to Radio 2 podcasts when getting the aerobic miles in pre season (Wake Up With Wogan helps to distract me whilst doing sessions of 2 hours+).
  8. Bit of classic dance stuff like Faithless. Nothing too fast, I find that I try and keep up with the music, and it's not always ideal to be doing that! I also Rolling Stones Forty Licks on my mp3 player, and that's a great one to run to.
  9. I always had bags of endurance and could run for hours, but was never especially fast.
    Then one day I tried running whilst listening to the Benny Hill theme tune on my IPod. I'm now so quick that I can molest nuns, traffic wardens and lady footballers, with impunity.
  10. You can't go wrong with Survivor's masterpiece 'Eye Of The Tiger' either. Paricularly if you find yourself having to run through early morning marketplaces or up several flights of steps whilst being pursued by a gang of lovable urchins.
  11. How about 'Keep on Running' by the Spencer Davis Group :lol:
  12. I always find police sirens make me run faster
  13. Oh yes! Going to see them next year I hope!
  14. Korean pop music. Youtube it. It's awesome.
  15. Black Eyed Peas, Meat Loaf, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers ... anything fast and powerful, really.