Music to go to war to...

4 Regt AAC should have deployed on Op Granby to the tune of 'Steptoe and Son' :D :D
Why no mention of Rolling Stones stuff? I know that when it is on in the car I have to be r e a l l y careful about speed limits and road rage.
Mullet_Hunter said:
If memory serves me correct (but probably doesn't) I'm sure that BFBS in Al Jubayl during Op Granby were banned from playing certain songs during the opening night of the air war. One of the tracks was "In the air tonight" along with anything that could be considered poor taste such as Ozzy's "Shot in the dark".
Loads of songs were banned when Granby kicked off. Someones already mentioned it, but Killing an Arab by the Cure was banned as well as everything by the B-52's...
Put me down for "She sells sanctuary" The Cult. Anyone got any contacts at a record label? a compilation album would sell like soiled schoolgirls panties at a convention of Japanese salesman. :lol:
Put me down for "She sells sanctuary" The Cult. Anyone got any contacts at a record label? a compilation album would sell like soiled schoolgirls panties at a convention of Japanese salesman. :lol:
The idea of an actual CD collection of all this stuff is growing on me...


The Little Angels inadvisable released a single called 'Boneyard' just as GW1 was kicking off and had the wonderful lyric 'We're all going down to the boneyard' repeated during the chorus.
It received zero airplay and bombed.
As for banned songs during GW1 I remember BFBS playing all of the banned ones as what was the point of trying to take our minds off what was going on.
What about:

Rock the Kasbah?
You are the flare beneath my wings?
Ambush city limits?
Reopen Fire (your gat is my only desire)
Hands up Baby Hands up (Fav with our Gallic cousins)
Its witsy teeny weeny yellow HE rarden thingy

Goosebumps every time....
The ARRSE Music To Fight By LP soon to beavailable in all good NAFFIs, could be the latest Psy Ops weapon, sure to put the wind up any A-rab.
So far the track list is...
Fortunate Son - Creedance Clear Water Revival
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gill Scott Heron
2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden
The Birdie Song
Carmina Burana - Orff
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzie
We Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
Gladiator - Hans Zimmer
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
Countdown To Destruction - Megadeth
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Rule Brittania/Men of Harlech/British Grenadiers Medley - London Symphony Orchestra
99 Luft Balloons - NENA
Adagio For Strings - Samuel Barber
Hells Bells - AC/DC
Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Killing an Arab - The Cure
War - Edwin Starr
Purple Haze - Jimmy Hendrix
Light Cavalry Overture - Suppe
London Calling - The Clash
Sharpe Theme
Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
Dangermouse Theme
Down the Dustpipe - Status Quo
In the Air Tonihgt - Phil Collins
Fire Starter - The Prodigy
OHMS Theme
Scotland The Brave - Traditional
Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads
633 Sqn - Ron Goodwin
Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult

Where would we be without semi-legal MP3 downloads, eh?
Can't believe no-one's ever listened to Roger Waters' (ex-Floyd frontman for those under 30) rather splendid 'Amused to Death' album inspired by GW1. It has some top tracks like 'The Bravery of Being Out of Range' -- lyrics include lines like Does the recoil remind you/Remind you of sex/Old man what the hell you gonna kill next? or Just love those laser-guided bombs/They're really great/For righting wrongs.
All good stuff but if you listen to nothing else, listen to the first and last tracks called The Ballad of Bill Hubbard; Waters uses an interview with Alf Razzell, a Royal Fusiliers veteran of the Great War, in which he describes how he found a mortally wounded man (the eponymous Bill Hubbard) during the Battle of Arras 1917, tried to carry him to safety but had to leave him. He then describes the torment he went through over the next seventy-odd years not knowing what happened to him until he found his name on a memorial. Sounds tacky, but Waters really has done it justice.
Music for the thinking soldier -- ah! there I go, getting all Jacket again...[/i]


Just a couple of ideas...

The End - The Doors, especially after that Apocalypse Now sequence
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
Playing with the Boys - Kenny Loggins
Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan

Kinda epic tracks (except the Kenny Loggins), they work for me...
What about St Anger by Metallica....??

It starts of really slow and dirty then gets faster and faster until it bursts into the chorus which (IMHO) makes you feel like you could kick mike tysons ass!!!

Now thats an inspirational song!!!!

agent smith
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