Music to go to war to...

Black Sabbath-War Pigs (Why didn't anyone get this one first)
Ozzy - Revelation(Mother Earth)
Marillion-Forgotten Son's (Try the Live CD version-Reel to Real)
Iron Maiden-2 Minutes to Midnight
Journey-Don't Stop Believing (Pants i know but it's OK)
The Clash-Tommygun
random-nothings wrote:
The dangermouse theme Smile

Do the Yanks listen to themetune from The A-Team then? Wink

Dunno, but the Israelis probably listen to "ironside" when shooting certain clerics with helicopters.
Firstly, can I say how much we are all showing our age.

Not one mention of Britney, or Justin.

Secondly, I have just registered the 'Music to go to War to' compilation CD as a registered trade mark.

Anyone who mentions it from now on will have to pay me royalties. Probably.

Potential ARRSE money making scheme? Send in you favourite tracks, and get BFPS to do something useful. PS. The title might not ne that politically correct. Perhaps we should call it 'Music to nick someones country to' or 'Music to save Bliars ARRSE to.' PPS. These also are registered trade marks.
I don't think it's an "age thing". No one today is going against the establishment anymore. Most are poor imitators or just sh*$e.
STAB_in_the_dark said:
Ive always thought a key to music to this sort of occaision is irony - thus why that annoying awimbawe awimbawe The Lion Sleeps Tonight etc. song would be perfect - mad as a fish! Another good one i heard of a patrol playing in Iraq is that 'Where is the Love' by the Black Eyed Peas. Weird.
Having said that, almost anything from the Vietnam era seems to work very well, not cos of the war, it just sounds kick arse.
How about Rolfs "Two little boys" you would never have to fire a shot, they would all leg it!!!

also i think the Phill Collins "in the air tonight" would go well, didn t the use it in the first Gulf? i rember my uncle telling me about it? he was ex Grenadier Guards.

but also if anyone knows any other Phill Colins song, what about "We Fly so close"
If memory serves me correct (but probably doesn't) I'm sure that BFBS in Al Jubayl during Op Granby were banned from playing certain songs during the opening night of the air war. One of the tracks was "In the air tonight" along with anything that could be considered poor taste such as Ozzy's "Shot in the dark".
their was a whole list of songs and requests they refused to play including
leader of the pack for sir peter de belliare
moving on up (giving away troop movements )
rock the casbah etc etc
in the air tonite was used in b20 film worked quite well i thought
"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.

"Angel of Death" by Slayer, in fact anything by Slayer.
Tailgunner by Iron Maiden.
Firestarter, The Prodigy.
Ace of Spades, Bomber or Motorhead by Motorhead.
Theme to"On Her Majesty's Secret Service", especially the David Arnold version.

Let's just hope that Dubya doesn't have Whitesnake "Here I go again" rolling around inside his head.
Is none of the New Worlders going to vote for "Whoops I did it again" by Britney Spears??? :D

Funny how nobody seems to want to risk "Deck of Cards" being the last thing they hear........... :wink:
Welcome To The Jungle - Gunns N Roses
I think that for any jock regiments, nothing could beat blaring out Scotland the Brave, the old bagpipes, put fear of god up Jerry so couldn't fail with the rags.
Road to Nowhere. The Talking Heads

We're on the road to nowhere, come on inside. :D :D :D
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