Music to be buried too

What songs would you like to be played at your funeral?

1) AC/DC Highway to Hell

2) The Sound of Music

First one is a favourite of mine second one just warped.


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Things Can Only Get Better :lol:
1, Down Down Deeper and Down ( lyrics from Status Quo)
2, Anything by BJORK as i will be dead and won't hear the awful screech that she makes in every song!!
I can't help but think that you've put this in the wrong forum, however as I'm aconvivial sort of chap:

Bob Dylan - Forever Young
Faithless - Evergreen

I'm only 5'7" (covert sized) so it shouldn't take more than 2 songs to incinerate me - or so my publican says.
Obviously it's got to be Hearts of Oak!!


'who wants to live forever' by Queen


'so what' by Metallica
Some interminably long piece of drug-inspired experimental music by Tangerine Dream. All my relatives would have to sit still and listen to it in respectful silence while I laugh all the way down to hell.
'send lawyers, guns and money' - Warren Zevon
Dust In The Wind by Kansas, the version by DJ Z-Trip and DJ P from uneasy listening vol. 1

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