Music or lack of it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparkysapper, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Am i getting old? or is the world slowly running out of music?

    I have just started watching Top of the Pops and the first two songs so far have re-vamped versions of old classics, re-hashed and rapped over, can the artists of today not write their own.

    Perhaps i am just getting ready to book my place at Chelsea with the drinking pensioners. :? :?
  2. FCUK me it's bloody shakin stevens now. :evil:
  3. it isnt aq lack of music.its a lack of decent music that is the the mo we have the crapness of busted and other bollocks to deal with
    bring back aerosmith, frank zappa and good old ozzy!!.get rid of rap aint music.its just an annoying sound.and the world would rule!!
  4. I'm scared to say anything about it, coz I just sound like my dad!
  5. It isn't just the music..which, to me, seems to fall into mind numbing rap/hip hop where every ' rhythm' sounds the same - blasting drumbeats and restircted rhyme..or its rehashing old stuff and posing as ' new '- its also in film -Hollywood is bankrupt aesthetically [ but not, sadly, economically -yet ] because the beancounters are running the show.. Remakes and ' re-imagining' old films and TV shows -playing safe - and, since the music industry/film/Tv and a host of magazines are all ' vertically integrated' its all the same.. market driven

    The creative element has been drained out to make it ' palatable ' and revenue-generating.. that's why all the singers look and souind the same
    Xtina/Britney/Jessica et al.. midriff baring blonde bimbos with breathy voices or bold black mommas [ but not too black ] or cookie cutter Hispanics in the Jlo mold...

    Truly good stuff is now on the fringe and the venue of ' independents' - one can only hope that music on demand/pay-per-view and downloadable programming will turn the tables as those with a spark for the truly original bypass the mall shops/multiplexes and cable TV for the ' authentic ' new entertainments..which, hopefully, will keep them a couple of steps ahead of the accountants who, sadly, are already trying to cash in on the next big trend to keep the stock prices up for shareholder value...

    Now anyone heard The Beach Boys' version of Mozart's 5th Symphony..the one wioth the kazoo solo??
  6. Pass me my dehumanizer T shirt and lets go rid the world of this rubbish. 2 Weeks ago i watched Sabbath, motorhead and Billy Fcuking Idol. Tonight I had to listen to some bint do a re hashed version of Poison. Even worse though i've heard some squeaky voiced bint is doing the unthinkable, the unbelievable and has covered the frankly un touchable Dont Fear The Reaper.

    Come on people help rid the world of this gash. Do what my dad did to me at a young age. When your child starts to develop a taste in music sit him down and make him listen to Queen, Led Zepplin, Free and the likes (Vinyl of course though)
  7. Oh dont get me started on this R&B. My ARRSE, wanna hear some R&B listen to some BB King or Louis Armstrong thats Rythm and Blues you chav scum. Some guy singing with a fcuking chipmunk is not music it's a fcuking ringtone.

    Rant over
  8. It's nice to know that i am not the only thank Fcuk, thought it was just me getting old.
  9. Recent polls suggest that the suicide rate rose shortly after this event which was considered to be a non musical one.
    However, normal service will be resumed after the removal of a very large pitchfork from said shaking thingys throat by turning anti clockwise three times or more.
  10. Saw totps first 2 tonight,also thought, de ja vu,(no,not the band),most definitely,proper musicians,ie,drummer,guitarists(rock type band)have been superseded by a fucikng machine-no talent,no charisma,--certainly no filled rock venues in 20 years time-see,WHO,DEEP PURPLE,ALICE COOPER,SABBATH,STONES,TULL,C<STILLS<NASH<,----plenty of old uns still packing 'em in,can't see P knob,m&m,niggazizassholes packing venues in 40,30,or even 5 years time----still,my dad considered post sixties very similar--used to be plenty of great black musicians,now highjacked by wannabe ganstas---could be I'm an old cnut. ps I'd still give Nancy Sinatra one.
  11. Don't get me started , what about that cow Josh Stone , thought she was bearble until I saw the cd cover and realised she was no black momma but instead a honky from Devon no less , WTF ?

    And that gay boy band sh*te called RnB , thats not Rnb to me , RnB to me is the Stones or the Small Faces and thats pushing it more than a bit

    I did hear tell that there's a cover version of "She sell sanctuary" by non other than McFly

  12. where've you been lving, under a rock? Busted broke up months was a happy day
  13. J_D

    J_D LE

    Joss Stone has gone all "American" on us. She has a great voice but the janner needs to be shot!

    Just only wish that the Beatles had some influence on music these days like they did back then.
  14. watched some of the Glastonbury concerts over the w/end and, even as a real grumpy old git, was very impressed especially as they were all LIVE - i.e. no working in studios for 6 months palaver. There is talent out there.
  15. There are some fcuking awesome bands out these days, you've just gotta find them

    Try Foo Fighters, Feeder, Creed, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam,Lost Prophets

    all kick arrse and none of that (c)rap either!