Music on Windows Movie Maker


My granddaughter has started making some little pieces on moviemaker using still photos & music.
She can downlaod music onto moviemaker from her PC if that music had been downloaded of the web (eg itunes), if the music on her PC comes a rip from one her CDs for some reason moviemaker will not accept it.

Does anyone know if:

She is doing something wrong
There is something wrong with her PC & it should work
There is something in moviemaker which prevents doing it (it is micoshite after all)
I'm no expert, but is she converting it to mp3 when she rips the music from her CD or is she just copying it as a normal music file?

Tell her to use something like Nero and convert it to mp3 when she rips the CD to her HD.



She only does it as a normal music file, I'll get her to try converting.


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