Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rudie, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. I saw the video for Fools Gold the other day,and it took me back to the NAAFI at St Angelo,where it seemed it was never off MTV or being played constantly in the accomodation.
    It got me thinking about what music I was listening to on various tours.Not just me personally with my walkman,but what sounds seemed to be being played in "boogie boxes" in the rooms and hallways of SF bases around the Province,and what tapes and cds were being passed back and forth amongst the lads.

    So, what is/was your platoon/troop,etc listening to on tours?

    NI 1989/90
    Welcome To The Beautiful South. The Beautiful South
    Stone Roses. The Stone Roses
    The Raw And The Cooked. The Fine Young Cannibals
    The Undertones. The Undertones
    Mowtown Dance Party. Various
    Snap! The Jam
    Legend. Bob Marley And The Wailers

    OP GRANBY 1991
    Sparticus. The Farm
    60's Mania. Various
    Dance Craze - The Best of British Ska - Live! Various
    The Number 1 Hits. Elvis Presley
    The Best Of OMD. OMD
    Now That's What I Call Music 17. Various
    Pills,Thrills 'n Bellyaches. The Happy Mondays
    Rave On. Various

    NI 1992
    Divine Madness. Madness
    Pills,Thrills 'n Bellyaches. The Happy Mondays
    Screamadelica. Primal Scream
    Ultimate Rave!. Various
    The Story Of The Clash. The Clash

    NI 1996
    A Different Class. Pulp
    What's The Story Morning Glory? Oasis
    Fantazia Live at Bowlers. Carl Cox
    A Retrospective Of House 1991-1995. Various
    Carry On Up The Charts. The Beautiful South.

    NI 1997/98
    Ministry Of Sound,The Annual 3. Pete Tong/Boy George
    The No1 Ska Album. Various
    This Is Northern Soul. Various
    Forest Gump Soundtrack. Various
    Urban Hymns. The Verve
  2. maybe it's all ipods these days...