Music Magpie, has anyone used them?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Spacehopper383, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. With funds running a bit low I thought I'd have a clear out and see if I could find a missing Van Gogh in the loft, but all I came up with was loads of CD's going back over the last 20 years. A quick look on the computer came up with a company called Music Magpie who will buy my CD's with prices ranging from 30p to £2.57.
    Has anyone had first hand experience of these guys, did you get your money or are they just a rip off?
  2. Think there was something similar on the gadget show the other month I'd try selling them via ebay if you've got the time. Most times they'll give you next to nowt for them
  3. I did think about that or even using Amazon, but I would only get some money if they sold. At least this site says they will pay for everything I've got and I can off load them in one hit with the company even paying postage.
  4. I've used them once a few weeks back. Seemed ok. Scanned the barcodes with the iPhone app. Clicked sell. They ping you an email with a PDF file with a free post label to print off. Chucked it all in a box. Took about 3 weeks for them to receive, process, check the CDs were ok then they sent me a cheque. Only got about £7 but that's what they said they'd pay.
    Am going to use them again, scanned some old DVDs the other day to see what they'd give me. The region 1 DVDs I've bought in Canada over the years come up as a couple of quid each. Better than 30p for some of my UK region 2 DVDs.
  5. Having seen their ad on the telly about tech stuff I offered them my ipod nano 8gb.Their best was £13.00
    Ebay ranging from £50 - £70.
  6. I've used them and the price was better than standing beside a car boot or waiting to sell them on ebay. I found two other websites doing the same thing and compared the prices on all items. Some sites placed different values on different items. Complete boxed sets will go better on ebay or amazon than using music magpie but bizarre and "rare" early DVDs attract a good price (compared to the bin) - peppa pig and fireman sam were big winners. Audio CDs also sell well.

    I think music magpie need a minimum sale of 50 items to get the free postage.
  7. I scanned in around 100+ DVDs, price quoted was in the region of £110, took the same DVDs to a local CeX, picked up £280 allchecked there and then, whole thing took around 30 mins, time for a pint whilst they checked them.

    CeX (UK) Buy & Sell Games, Phones, DVDs, Blu-ray, Electronics, Computing, Vision & CDs
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  8. I used Music Magpie a while ago. 30 CDs got me £16.88 and the free postage. I got a letter back from them in 3 or 4 days and then a cheque in 16 days. The highest price was for a freebie title from the Sunday Times! Al lI can say really is give them a try and see what they offer you.

    I've used Cex as well for DVDs, they give you a better price in shop if you want to swap them for other titles while you are there. No need for post, but you do need to lug them all there in the first place. They give out these fashionable plastic bags with a drawstring, a bit like the old duffle bags (but not quite), so you can pretend you're a cool teenager...
  9. CeX is offering an iPhone 5 unlocked at 580 quid. :? Apple toys are expensive over there too it seems.

    iPhone Listing.JPG