Music In The Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shadowfar, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Is thier any time for music in the army?I 've been playing guitar for about 4 years now and i have been in a Southern Rock/Blues Band for a while.

    Will there be anytime for me to practice or maybe jam out with guyz who also play instruments??

    And can i take an acoustic guitar with me?
  2. As long as you are not sh1te you will be fine - don't suggest taking your big banjo in basic training though, best if you are just the grey man and don't stand out.

    I was always quite impressed when someone would start plucking away and belting out a tune.

    There is a certain WO1 ammo tech who would play his guitar in the mess bar starkers
  3. 8O Whatever turns you on! :D
  4. Not possible with the big MWM, even though he used to tweak my nipples - but thats a whole different story :sweatdrop:
  5. As long as you do requests.

    Over the hills and far away is usually the first one.

    The second one could end in 'off'.
  6. The guitar will get in the way a bit in the back of a warrior, and if as I suspect, you would end up in a mortar platoon carrying heavy weapons, there would be even less room.

    The parachute regiment might be an option now, previously guitars were frowned upon as it they always beat you to death on the way down, but thanks to Tony Bliars cuts, they now walk to the DZ before rolling around the floor.

    The mortar lads are all musicians, they play: the blue veined bugle, the pink oboe, the hair guitar and the five finger flute! A regular arschestra they are!
  7. Can you play Far, far Away? Good...then do it!
  8. Are strummers allowed in the Army?
  9. I dont think ive ever met a male soldier who WASNT a banjo strummer.
  10. really didn't think all that was coming lol.

    Well i've been playing pretty much everyday for the past for years or so and i write all my own material so....

    But it will be good if i get to take it with me rather thna leaving it behind.
  11. Just don't go all 'James Blunt' and spouting tosh about strapping a guitar to your tank and being in the army being some sort of foppish air headed dream.
  12. A rather cute female navy officer took her guitar to Bas when I was out there.

    She used to entertain the lads quite a bit. Sometimes she'd play a tune or two as well.

  13. 6 or 12 strings depending on her mood at the time?
  14. She played my ukalaly (spelling?) for me once.

    Even that looked big in her tiny hands.
  15. no on of that James Blunt shite im a more of a Zakk Wylde Fan. I dont kno if you guyz kno who he is but yea check him out, if you're into kinda bluesy rock/metal. His band Black Label Society are the band that kinda got me into music and since then i've been playin guitar. He's the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.