Music for the Apocalypse


Metallica - "the 4 horsemen" & "creeping death"

Megadeth - appropriate band name, not heard much of their stuff, but titles like "The threat is real" & "conquer or die" seem to fit. As does "wake up dead"
Top notch, but musically I prefer this version.

I saw that as well. Excellent.
I was concerned of (this being ARRSE) being asked if I'd "caught the ghey"
A bit of man-spread Armageddon seemed appropriate. :oops:
This is about a drunk driver but I think it could be adapted for present circumstances.


UK Subs - Disease

Anthrax - Spreading The Disease

The Damned - Sick Of Being Sick.

GBH - Sick Boy

Also not found on you tube.

Certified - 28 DaysLlater
Swellybellies - Lockdown.

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