Music and Socialising as an OPMI

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by wardy0, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Ive just finished uni but have decided to what I am passionate for rather than what I'm good at (Physics was a bit boring). I am applying to be an Operator MI.

    Music and going out is a big part of my life? Is there any room for such a hobby?
  2. No, once you have joined the army you relinquish all rights to enjoying music and you are confined to barracks until the day you leave the service. In fact, if you are caught listening to any form of unauthorised sound then you may even be liable to have your ears removed. All escapees will be shot at dawn. OPMI eh? or maybe just WAH.
  3. oh jesus. i don't think this even belongs in recruiting. there is no simple category under which to file posts like this :)

    (apart from perhaps the "wah" cabinet)
  4. Perhaps the Navy would be more suitable, I believe they enjoy listening to music on their i-pods whenever they go out.
  5. Yep, got to be a wah!
  6. music and int? perhaps he could join the Int Corps Band. i don't know how good he is, so he could go to the Upper Band or the Lower Band i suppose...

    wardy, can you play the james bond theme?
  7. Music and socialising as an OPMI? Reminds me of my Cyprus tour when I first sang Suspicious Minds (surely an alternative Corps Quick March) ... as they say the rest is history. Broke my Oz Karaoke duck at the end of course urine-up at Canungra on Thu btw. The troops were suitably impressed but at my age I managed to do myself some form of mischief which had me limping yesterday ... must have been all that hip-swivelling.
  8. Thirty years too late,

    What happened to
    -All those chunky knit jumpers in the Tythe Barn folk club?
    -Seamus's eclectic LP and Mandolin sessions in Block 6?
    -Seagull's Mobile disco?
    -Mandolin + tin whistle on tour at the Greenfly and the 91 Section Bar?

    Not to forget that other fading art form: the BFBS phone-in show
  9. if you had said "music and coming out" then you might have been steered towards the Harp Players :)
  10. Ah yes thrill to the sound of 'The Rose and Laurel' played by Kneller Hall trained musicians on massed kazzoo's and rulers on the edge of a table.....! (Coming soon to a Templer passing out parade near you).
  11. To all those that say that they were at Spike Island to see that last performance of The Stone Roses, I come back to with I have witnessed a rendition of the Rose and Laurel by the massed kazzoo's of the 'Band of the Intelligence Corps'. I wonder if we will ever see their like again...a roof top performance a la The Beatles perhaps?
  12. Wine and macbook do not mix...B'stard
  13. As an OPMI trainee you will have plenty of opportunity to indulge your musical fantasies. On a Friday night you'll have to fight your way on stage to perform karaoke in The Cornerstone, so packed is it with others sharing your tastes.
  14. Of course Subsonic our young friend will get nowhere in the Corps until he can write out the Score of Ludwig van Beethoven's Egmont Overture and set them to words as we had to do back in the old 7 Int Coy days - as I'm sure Whiskeybreath will also remember !
  15. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Contact the Int Corps Band Principal Trombonist, he'll help you out.

    Here's a picture so that you recognise him


    (Grubby ex-gunner quietly gets coat, calls taxi and leaves esteemed slime forum in shame).