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Whats peoples favorite everyday Music?

None of this 00's Drum and Bass or Dub-step or whatever it is,

i mean the good ol' stuff like the Vinyls of Jimmy Hendrix or the Riffs from Queen or even the Overdrives of AC/DC?
I quite liked the goombay dance band.
80,s all the way

ahhhhhh Vienna dum dum, dumdum dumdum, dum dum, dumdum dumdum
Vienna is shite and the Emperor has no clothes on (not the Emperor Mong, of course, he remains resplendent in his glory)

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your Literacy levels read well!


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I found an old Kula Shaker CD the other day and I've now got it on in the car.

I still can't decide whether they're just a really shit version of the Beatles or a good version of Oasis with sitars.

Anyway, catchy stuff:

Kula Shaker - Tattva - YouTube
Depends what mood I'm in but I'm spoiled for choice with over 21K albums, but mainly 60s/70's rock.



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That must have taken years to get that many, i thought my 1,000 odd iTunes was fairly good haha!


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You can sometimes do it quite fast with a sharing server but most music programs don't have them
Gang of Four and the Black Keys are floating my boat at present.

I am very fond of the Black Keys but they are teetering on the edge that these 'out of the blue' bands find in the modern age. The frontman seems very, very keen to **** around with new ideas and experiment with his music and that won't work. El Camino is a really good album but it is nowhere near as good as Brothers is. I like that they don't try too hard, though, the music is really, really simple. That's why I love it. The whole 'drummer & guitarist' pairing is one that gets overlooked all the time and that's where it's at. A good pair will make great music.

Right now I have about 30 gigs worth of music on my itunes (about 70% from CDs I've gathered over the years) and there is always music playing in our house. I will listen to anything if it's credible and sounds like somebody put some hard work into it. You won't find Rihanna in our house but you will find a Calvin Harris album or two. Thing is, I have an 8 year old ipod nano and can only fit 7 gigs of music onto it so I constantly have to re-sync the ipod every two weeks or so to change up what I'm listening to.

However there are a number of albums that are always on there:-

The Rolling Stones - Greatest Hits
Led Zeppelin - Early Days & Latter Days
John Martyn - Solid Air
James Taylor - The Best Of
Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go
Jamie T - Panic Prevention
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

I tend to go through phases. I get into a band and similar groups for about two or three weeks and then just go off them and start listening to something completely different.


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60s The small faces and the who
70s Slade and the sex pistols
80s Nine below zero, secret affair, the jam. squire and the specials.
90s The stone roses, oasis and blur
00s Machine Head, metallica. megadeath and slayer ( they got better ) Blink182, sum41, good charlotte and bowling for soup.
1960-2010 Northen soul, its still going.
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