Musharref-Chavez Syndrome

What is it with guys like these?

Why are they so insecure that they can't let go when their time's up that they've got to try and skew the laws to stay on and risk anarchy, revolution and the deaths of hundreds in the streets just to have one more go at being top dog?

It's not like they haven't squirreled away enough cash to keep them in caviar and bimbos well into their dotage.

does absolute power really corrupt? Or have they packed the system with so many friends and cronies that the whole shebang will collapse if they don't stay the course?..

Dubya and the west must be sweating bullets over Pakistan, particularly with Bin Ladin and the others still stirring the pot in outlying areas and formenting ' protests' in the cities..

nothing like the crash of a strategic ally to further destabilize the Middle East...

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