Musgrave Park hospital - military Wing

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bedpan2zero, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. ladies and gents

    I need your arrse-istance!

    Im putting a presentation together of MPH, mostly to cover the period of Op Banner.

    Does anyone have any pics of the echalon, buildings, yards, security force etc? I have plenty photos of mess functions, personalities etc but Id like to add more pics of the structure of the place

    Any assistance, Id be extremely grateful
  2. Check PM's!
  3. Liz

    thanks xx
  4. i did a cheeky little visit to MPH 10 years ago when I was doing coy medic in bandit country. I'll see if theres anything I can do to help.
  5. Check PM
  6. dont bother trying to get Phot of any MPH/DCU Consultants, they were never there!! And had an answering machine programmed to "See You In Six Months!!" when they were happily back in blighty!!

    Sorry Bitter Rant Over
  7. Oh Ive got pics of the Consultants - but their all in the echolon bar!
  8. :D now why does that not surprise me!! :D
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  9. there are some stunning pics of some senior ginger ODP!

    Just waiting for the penny to drop
  10. I remember him, think i have a few of some other deviants too! Its always good to have some ammo on the back burner dont ya think BP20? I remember the Ech bar, was full of magazine cuttings from lads mags, bizarre and the like, floor to ceiling, until someone took their kids in and got asked awkward questions as to why that lady had some vegetable in her fluffy?! Then we had to paint in in some grown up colours with curtains and dado rails, didnt feel the same after that. Suprisingly.

    Anybody remember the name of the fullscrew nurse, about 98-2000 (thats the year not weight in Kg!) blonde, short with big gap in front teeth that used to keep the guard awake in the wee hours at the ech during the weekend?
  11. No - but ive probably got a photo of her.

    The Unit has a few photo albums, but no great amount of pics before 1988 for some reason.
  12. Initials JC?

    He's still around, but I know that his stunningly handsome babe magnet brother used to visit the bar now and then.
  13. I have a couple of pics somewhere, we were there in 1979. There for guarding and riot support.

    There was a female doctor in the room next to the main gate, who used to flash the room light, then strip off in the semi-dark, that was nice. Though no pictures of her. Nor of tampax tower, as the view through the binos wasnt good enough for camera use. :)
  15. I seem to remember one of the visits of the 'senior ODP's brother'. It descended into drinking pints of urine and a naked bar. The horror... the horror. That was Christmas 97 or 98. There were some fantastic parties - the 'A' party, the 'S' party and the cross-dressing party that sent the BRB RSM into apoplexy. When he came to the Jolly Miller bar to complain, he was met by our CSM in drag looking like Mrs Doubtfire.