Museum of Army Flying - opinions please......

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 20NOV1917, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Museum of Army Flying

    Is it just me or are the staff at the illustrious Museum of Army Flying just a bunch of money grabbing cnuts!? Not only do they secure a wealth of dosh (running into the thousands - the ‘Skippy’ former CRSM can confirm/deny that) but they get a wealth of manpower to help them out for the forthcoming bash this weekend. The lads going through training should be concentrating on just that, not p1ssing about doing tentage and car parking for them, and losing their weekend as well. Now there are some folk who say ‘fcuk em, they’re only crow’ etc, but we all were once weren’t we?

    On the same matter, why the fcuk can’t we get tickets, even though the amount of flying hours, man hours doing previously described work and all that stuff is given to them freely (unless they pay for it somehow)?

    And why is it that I have to get permission off that doddering old cnut of an airfield manager to hover – on the aircraft manoeuvring area – just cos some fcukwit in the museum complained about the noise?!?! (The clue about their role I thought was in the title – museum of army FLYING – not the quietest job in the world!). No doubt I’ll get a slating off of all the do-gooders out there but I’d like an opinion from those still working in the Corps……

    (Waits for the incoming….)
  2. Quite possibly the leading contender for the award of Worst Museum with a Military Connection.
  3. Thet are as tight as a nuns cnut. I asked to borrow uniforms whilst on my senior cadre for a presentation...they refused. At the end of the cadre we had some money left in the pot after the battle field tour, the Museum had the brass neck to ask if they could have it....clearly they got fcuked off!
  4. I agree that they do very little to sell themselves to the Corps and as for the staff, well lets just say that some people need to understand that they are no longer in the military.
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  5. And half of them fcuking idiots work at wallop in flying wing! tossers. :x
  6. Big Building, Fucking Dull. Why didnt we have a swimming pool instead?

  7. Funnily enough, I heard about this incident just recently. From what I gather, there was a conference going on in the Museum. Apparently, the conference was a VIP type of affair (no doubt in relation to the civilian event being held this weekend) and they were being disturbed by the noise coming from the airfield. To stop the noise, they phoned the airfield manager (who by all accounts is the typical retired officer type who still thinks he holds his former rank) and this penis then elected to curtail activities on the airfield.

    Couple of things.

    The museum is a civilian business not on MoD property. If they wish to complain about aircraft noise, they should have been directed towards the Complaints and Enquiries Unit in Main Building like every other civilian does.

    If they did not want to suffer aircraft noise from one of the busiest grass airfields in the UK, maybe they should have booked and paid for a conference centre elsewhere.

    If they really really must have their conference at the Museum Against Army Flying, surely it would have been prudent to ask the cock of an airfield manager to promulgate the activity on the 'Green Sheets' asking for a noise embargo during the meeting.

    One of the major things holding the AAC back is some of the utter dinosaur ROs who think we still operate as a posh boys flying club bimbling around in Skeeters. They should all be shot. Pointless fuckers.

    Maybe they should turn the news on once in a while and see that ops on the airfield directly relate to brassing ragheads up in Iraqistan.
  8. Not experienced it as a serving soldier, but have as a former member of the Corps.

    I wasn’t overly impressed when I popped in. However, that was a while ago and I hope that things have changed. I agree that it is a civilian enterprise, but is connected to a Corps., which I guess gifted it the land that it’s on (or at least the MoD did).

    As loathe as I am to praise CrabAir, the contrast with the RAF museum at Hendon is stark. I take my kids there all the time, it’s really good. In particular, the kids section is a really impressive mix of fun things (for example, an R22 to sit in, a C130 model that flys across the ceiling under the kids control and then bombs a target or it did until the PC crowd got involved and it now ‘drops supplies’!) and educational exhibits that kids can touch and use which demonstrate the theory of flight.

    Yes, I know. They have more money; yes, it’s in London and has a larger captive audience

    Bit it does seem more innovative; there do seem to be more ex-RAF and aviation enthusiast involved in supporting it; and it does not seem to be run by Officers wives (ok, I don’t know that the case, but it feels that way)

    I expect to take a bashing for the comparison>> :eek:
  9. No, its a fair comparison. Although it is meant to represent a proud history, it doesn't do the Corps justice.

    I was at MW when the idea was being booted around to move the collection of bits and bobs that used to be in the old cinema (next to the singlies NAAFI) and build a proper museum. Many thought that the best place for it was in Andover, but then someone realised that they could capitalise on having it overlooking MW, and there would be the added advantage of an endless supply of blokes to 'dick' for functions.

    It is crap, projects a poor image of the Corps, especially the morons who run it, and should be closed down.
  10. I'd like to give an opinion but I am now a stinking civvy.

    If it helps I'd really like to see you throwing your chopper around outside the museum, and maybe even a helicopter!

  11. You'll always have an opinion, pocoyo. Even as a civvy.

    Whether we listen or not is a different matter. :D

    The average age of the people running the museum is 145 years old I believe. I'm suprised they can hear anything to be honest.

    Maybe its about time to bring in some young blood to run the place? Wouldnt it be nice if they looked at how other museums are run and take a few tips. The exhibits and layout are spot on but some of the attitudes from the people inside leave a lot to be desired. If you tip up in uniform, you can feel the resentment from some of the staff as if to say 'mmm, another freeloader'. I once prodded what I thought was a display dummy. It turned out to be the curator. I did think they'd got the dribble down to a tee.
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  12. Pehaps you could suggest they take a trip to RAF Cosford they might learn something. The Staff there are excellent and the prices are very reasonable.
  13. The only way to change anything would be to issue the staff with their P45 and hire people who understand 'customer relations'.
  14. Two other points:

    Firstly, I note that a former Director of Army Aviation is now the Director of the Army Museums Ogilby Trust (AMOT) which is a charitable organisation that is supposed to 'assist in and encouraging the maintenance and improvement of existing regimental, corps and other Army Museums'

    Secondly, the Army and in this case, our own Corps, never seems to draw on its alumni when thinking about this type of thing. There are many former members of the Corps who are now senior in their civilian careers. For example, I am aware of a Marketing Director (ex RAOC/LAD parts/logistics supply whatsname), a barrister (ex Air Tpr) a CEO (Ex Air Tpr). These are people whose experience and advice could be utilised to improve the MOAF and at least some of them may be willing to help in some way.
  15. Not going to say anything about a former director now working at the arch enemy - wastelands (talk about sorting your own job at the expense of the lads who you were aupposed to look after) but that's another thread in itself......

    Oops, i said it!