Museum 45-vehicle parade videos.


For those interested in keeping old museum pieces running, there are a couple of videos coming out as regards last year's convoy put on by the Ontario Regiment Museum. Supposedly the largest road move of armor in Canada since WW2. I'll be posting the various videos here when they get released, expect three.

The museum has two paid staff to roll the 45 vehicles.

Here's the first one.
Brilliant presentation piece!

My wife, British born, has Canadian citizenship, having lived in Mississauga for 16 years, and we regularly (not as often as we'd like to) go to the Toronto area, though we weren't aware of this museum until now. Thanks sincerely for the heads-up, we'll definitely be visiting now, with a view to making a visit for the Remembrance Parade...:)
Toronto is very good for military history buffs. For tanks, there's Ontario Rgt Museum and CFB Borden. For ships, there's HCMS Haida, and the airplane crowd have an RCAF museum and one at CFB Trenton.

For British lads, the museum tracked down the crews of a bunch of CVR(T)s (by reg number) and had the crews fly out from the UK to be reunited with them.
That was pretty awesome and made me feel my age as I have worked and been on ops with all of the UK vehicles and many of the Canadian ones too!
Nice collection of ferrets there too, just found out the collective noun for ferrets is a ‘business’ or ‘busyness’.
They always looked it to me anyway.
Bloody good effort I say.
They're not half bad those Canucks y'know.
Imagine if Chieftains were involved - they'd barely have got out of the hangar!

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