Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by carlbcfc, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. My mate popped into the local AFCO today. He doe s bit of weights and is a big lad. He was told to lose the muscle as it makes him overweight...anyone come across this...this is something to do with the BMI thing right?
  2. mate thats rubbish at adsc they do a test wi a medical doctor if u r above wieght on bmi!
    there no guna tell him he is to fit to join the army!
    he must have flabby belly or something!
    tell him to leave off the pies
  3. it depends if he's a wanna be Mr Universe & weighs about 20 stone he definitly wouldn't pass the 1.5 mile run. But if he's just like a big rugby player type the AFCO usually take a persons weight into account, my guess is if the Careers office told him to do one it's cos he's a protein guzzling hulk
  4. lay of the pies
  5. can the mods please merge this with the dyslexic thread?

  6. Is there one ?

  7. Of course ,Your mate....
  8. I've noticed the majority of you're posts are you being a gobby little shit, giving advice and thinking you know it all, do us a favour and wind yer neck in.
  9. Yes you prat. Im a 26 year old man who can ask his own questions off his own back. This was just a curious question i had after a chat with a mate today. If you got fuk all usefull to say but feel it necessary to hijack my thread with your over suspicious childish comments then you mate need to get a life.

  10. Not rubbish, they said it. He's big, but not athletic, that prob the reason why.
  11. BMI is a load of rubbish. someone under 5,8 with a decent amount of muscle i.e over about 12.5 stone would be edging into overweight despite being perfectly healthy.

    BMI does not take into acount how much muscle someone is carry so its not really very usefull for males, im suprised the army use it.
  12. I know im 91kg 6 1 and half. Im overweight ?? Were supposed to be skinny are we
  13. Ignore him mate, hes probably 16/17 trying to be the bigman on the t'internet :D Im 90 kilo 6ft had no probs whatsoever. I have a feeling coruk is 9stone soaking wet. Your mate got a bit of a gut? that's what it might be.
  14. Im not trying to be the bigman im just saying the BMI system is very flawed as it doesnt take into acount wether weight on the scales is muscle, fat or any mixture of the two.
  15. Oops sorry, wasn't talkin to you mate was refering to that Corbuk.