Muscle pains

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by C.Norris, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, I have had sore upper arms, either triceps or shoulders for nearly a month now, from playing tiger woods on the wii.

    It doesn't seem to be healing and when I wake up in the morning it seems to get worse, I can't start training again till I sort this, any advice, cheers.
  2. Stop playing Tiger Woods on the Wii
  3. This is actually the funniest thing I've read on here for quite some time. I'm glad I chose now to evacuate my bowels.

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  4. Jesus Christ. Imagine what would happen if you tried playing actual golf.
  5. Location: Carrickfergus.
    Imagine my surprise.
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  6. Again with the helpful answers, have any of you played the game with a few liquors in ya?
  7. Any advice? Sure - remove yourself from the gene pool as soon as is physically possible, seeing as you're obviously too weak to be allowed to continue drawing breath. Whatever the shuddering **** happened to good, old-fashioned natural selection?
  8. A six-pack of Breezer and four vigorous hours of Tiger Woods on the Wii.

    Oh, for a night on the tiles in Carrickfergus.
  9. That's a Wednesday night special, I take it your 'hardcore' though... What would you suggest for my next 'school night' with the lads
  10. Did you conduct a thorough, progressive warm up, including joint mobility and muscular stretches, prior to commencement of said computer game?
  11. Yea cuz I worry about straining muscles when I'm poleaxed..
  12. Spiked trifle and sodomy.
  13. Manning the **** up. Or failing that hanging yourself.
  14. Why everybody always picking on me :'(

    Gimme a rope quick :(
  15. And therein lies your problem! Don't you think it could possibly be a muscle strain or a sprain in the shoulder joint that is causing the pain? I prescribe two MTFU pills to be taken daily, with water, on an empty stomach!