Muscle massagers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Apart from being enjoyed by ladies, has anybody had any good results from these type things? Mainly looking to use it for helping annoyingly pulled muscles that i cant sort with stretching. But also if possible use it on my shins to compliment normal shin rub to alleviate shin splints. This scholl is the main one im finding but are there any better ones to look at?
  2. I don't think you're going to alleviate MTSS with one of those have you seen the quack?
  3. Not one I've used. I'll behave as it's not the NAAFI maybe try a TENS machine?
  4. I'm not sure what ailment you have, but with a pulled calf muscle the physio recommended a massage roller to really dig in to the tissue. Getting a long roller to move the injury over under weight, or even a tennis ball really made it better. In the end I did a thing called 'dry needling' at the physios and that cured it in two treatments.
  5. Yup, and the problem is pretty much gone and have been shown how to massage the shin to help prevent it occurring. However i do get slight pains every so often so was hoping this would compliment things if i was buying it anyway.

    I already have the foam roller and find it really good, but its not so good for more difficult/deeper problems like at the top of the calf which has been a recurring problem lately and also places i cant use the roller like my neck. And also so i can have it to hand rather than booking appointments with the physios when its not something major.
  6. That can be used for some kinda ache in the muscles or pulled muscles,But being addicted to it can take the maturity of muscles and and can effect its strength because they becomes use to stay relax.
    Anyway use it only when you feel some pain.It can help you that way.
  7. My husband has one called Thumper I think. The sports massage specialist person uses it on him, so he bought one and says it does work. Theres a whole list of do's and dont's with it though but 5 mins on google would let you know
  8. OK moving swiftly on....

    My wife has one and the effect on the patient is a sight to behold. They go all drippy and let out big grunty sighs

    Thumper® Equine Professional Massager
  9. I believe the one made by hitachi or its uk equivalent has shown to produce good results.
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  11. Years back when I was first getting into fitness before joining the army my parents bought a wooden roller thing - I think it was from Bodyshop (were talking about 1990 here).
    I never bothered with the thing, thinking it a waste of time, but I kept it as it was a gift - until one evening about 3 years back when I had a knot on my shoulder.
    Dear god it worked good, nearly screamed the house down but did the job a treat.