Muscle maintainence.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BBear, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer


    I'm currently doing a fair bit of training for a ardous course, and I'm currently trying to get a scooby on how to prevent injury and loosen up the muscles. I'm not doing anything that arduous, just long slow runs (40 miles+ a week) with the odd period of circuits or weights. I'm fairly fit, and have been active for a while (8.30 min PFT is an average) so not too worried about getting fitter, but more about not getting biffed out! I'm from the old school thinking that "stretchings for puffs, and wimin!" but trying new things out now...! 8)

    I've been told to get hold of a foam roller but the internet has many different answers as to what I need? Has anyone used one before?

    I currently stretch after a run or session, is it worth just stretching on a rest day or just keep it to the sessions?

    Someone mentioned to take up yoga. Is it really that good? It is a bit bent though isn't it?

    Is sports massage as good as its cracked up to be? Do i really get a swedish chick to massage my inner thigh?

    Thanks gents!
  2. Ullo!

    Nothing Wrong with sports massage, it does its job if you are training hard (hard) and, to keep the manly attitude in tact - The massage hurts!

    I've no idea about foam rollers, but do your googling and you will soon see. Just because you are embarking on "miltary training" does not mean you cannot benefit from "civvie ideas".

    I have never tried yoga, but I don't see that it can harm - I've tried pillates and given that I can't even touch my toes (not a good thing) it was a bit of a challenge..I gave up because the class was full of girls and the movements made me fart - But it's all good stuff.

    These courses take thier toll - mainly knackered knees - Look after them! If you can find a decent physio-massage guy, even before you start the course, then do it. The traditional method is to pop brufen and got on with it, no bad thing, but preparation and recovery is always good.

    When doing rough/tough courses you should not feel too much of a girl for trying to take care of yourself, specifically if the course is a long one and you actually get the chance to carry out post training admin.

    I'm assuming you are doing a TA/ Reserve course given that you have actually been given spare time to recover, or are you just training?

    Either way, it's not a silly thing to do if you are beasting yourself for long periods and need to give your body a bit of pampering.

    Good luck!

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  3. A bloke down our gym used to give all the fighters sports massage if we had niggles, or just fancied one. It was good for loosening the mucles and felt good afterwards. Sometimed the muscles would ache the day after then the following day would feel great.

    If you're wanting to stretch off on rest days, don't do it cold. Do 10 minutes skipping then stretch off.
  4. The maximuscle range has bits and bobs added to help muscles rebuild and not hurt so much.
  5. Yes and they really work! :roll:
  6. Worked for me, no aches and I was running 8 miles a day for 4 weeks (only sundays off). Maybe you have a low pain threshold.
  7. There are many sorts of yoga, and once you've learnt the basics it's something you can do anywhere. Very good for balance, suppleness and strength (in an isometric sort of way). The meditative aspects are also really useful when you're having a terrible day.

    Loads of different styles of class around, from the gentle to the tortuous (I'd recommend you keep off the naked super-heated version though). There are masses of classes advertised on Tinternet. Give it a try.
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Yoga is a great way to get the old frame in good shape. No it won't get you fit but it will help to protect the muscles and joints since you should get more supple.

    The foam rollers are very good for getting rid of knots and strains and, if you use them properly, can hurt like you won't believe.

    As for keeping the knees in good order, try building up to about 50 hindu squats in the morning and your legs should stay loyal.
  9. yes, yoga is effective. for beginners, you can try hatha. you can work on flexibilty, balance, breathing, relaxation, all in one. it took me a while to get accustomed to. i found it rather slow initially and got bored at around the 45minute mark. having said that, i really recommend it. also try pilates mat. it's similar to yoga, but less relaxation; more stretches and core work. of course it also depends on your instructor. some may just go through the motions while really good ones focus and correct your form/technique. if you want long and lean muscles, these really help. picture dancers/ballerinas. they do mega stretches all the time. add it into your routine. people with back problems also can benefit from a good stretch.

    massage has lots of benefits as well. apart from relaxation, it improves blood circulation, thus better capacity for oxygen distribution, and detoxifies the body. it may also help in removal of lactic acid build-up.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Sounds a bit gay but some people swear by Pilates, I've known a few blokes who have done it. Plus, you get to stare at fit birds bending themselves into all sorts of unfeasible shapes. More inspiration for WMB methinks.
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    This sounds a bit more like it! :p

    Thanks for all the advice gents and ladies, keep it coming! I'll give it a try and let you know if i'm still straight by the end of it.
  12. One thing I can reccomend is a chick that does pilates - shagged one a few years back that had popped out a couple of sprogs and was still in perfect shape all over.

    Also would definitely suggest stretching off as much as possible - have an active rest day of half an hour swimming then half an hour stretching.
  13. Of course. Come back and tell me when you've passed P Coy. :wink:
  14. I've tried a lot of the maximuscle range and the only one i've used that i would say really worked and made a difference was 'cyclone'. Cyclone is for muscle mass, strength and bulk though so maybe not ideal for what your goals are. I just used it to put a bit of weight on and help me build strength for basic training as i have been at a very low on weight for the last couple of years from thaiboxing.