Muscle loss?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by littlenickoutthere, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. A while back i injured my knee but ive noticed lately that ive been dropping a few kilos. I have been laying off the long runs but still kept doing PFT's consistantly with improving times, all my other upper body work has been unnaffected. Im not sure whether my weight loss is gut or whether its likely to be muscle loss from the lack of longer distance runs?
  2. Depends how much running a week you are doing and intervals also if you are doing too much or too less other training, Been at the gym tonight and i am currently losing muscle like wild fire from all the cardio i am doing.
  3. You're more likely to lose muscle from running, not from lack of running, though it's a little more complex then that. You don't see many big long distance runners around do you? Well, not good ones anyway!
  4. Well i usually do 3 sessions of upper body and stuff a week and 3 runs, which used to be a long( up to 9 miles) a medium (usually 4-5) and a short (a 1.5 mile PFT) Since i had some issues with my knee ive cut back to doing 3 PFT's a week. Was just wondering if i had anything to worry about is all
  5. You've nothing to worry about in regards to losing muscle anyway.
  6. haha just the buggered knee then, no worries that should be fixed soon with my new super dooper running shoes!!!!!!
  7. Agree with Fallschirmjager.

    Glad to see someone talking sense!
  8. its called catabolic state when you loose muscle through exercise, your body runs out of fuel from fats/foods youv recentley eaten and then starts to degrade muscle tissue to turn it into energy if you carry on pushing yourself. a good example of this is i started pre para at 101kg and on my weigh in for milling was 80kg, all lost in muscle mass over 8 weeks