muscle knots - any experiences

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by christheclimber, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. basicly, i suffer occassionally from muscle knots in one of my shoulders, probably from a lot of exercise, combined with rolling around on the floor in submission wrestling or MMA.
    iv spoken to a physio off the record (ie for free) and he said its incredibly common in most athletes, and that sports massage is the best way to treat it.

    for those who dont know, it feels just like a really tight muscle, and if you get a sports massage or rub your back you can feel the lumps of muscle.
    does anyone have any experience with these, and know any home methods of treating it?

  2. Like the physio said, get a massage. I had a couple when I did thai-boxing and felt much better after!
  3. well the physio is like 25 a session, and he recommend like 5 times a week. for an unemployed 17 year old, 125 a week is a fair wack.

    glad to know it works.

  4. Can anyone at home help?
  5. Sports massage is excellent for knotted muscle. Hurts like hell though!!!

    Can you not find a different one, local to you? When I was bad, I saw one once a week for an hour at a time for £30. Still a lot of cash I know, but much more reasonable than 5 times a week, thats pushing it I think! Try the gyms in your area, you don't need to be a member normally to use the sports therapist.
  6. Everyone has knots all of the time. Rare that you will notice them/prevent you doing something as a result. Massage is the way forward, nothing stopping you massaging yourself.
  7. One way to get rid of them is to get a tennis ball, put it between you and a wall and roll it around the knot to break up the fibrous tissue. Works for me when the wife can't be bothered.
  8. It sounds that paying for a sports massage is out of the question for you but there may be a good way to get at least one freebie. Find out where your nearest college is that offers sports massage as a course. Students on these courses are always crying out for 'guinea pigs' to practise on so why not offer yourself?
  9. We all know what students are like. Get knotted :D

    How can you get a "knot"? Can you not go to one of these chinese body centres or w/e and see if it helps?
  10. And hope you get a gorgeous 17/18 year old to administer it to you.

    Yes a massage does help, I'm a gym Queen and do a variety of Martial Arts, so get knotted quite frequently. 5 a week is a bit of a piss take though.
  11. a knot is basicly the muscle fibrous sort of stick together i think. to be honest, some guy poking me with needles isnt exactly good medicine in my view, and id rather go for a more tested and proved method.

    and i believe he suggested that many because i use the muscles a lot (swimming, weights, grappling all use and abuse your traps and such), and i have some fairly hefty knots. he said that while a bit of light massage will get rid for a while, i would need to massage out the whole lump or it would never properly heal, as id only need to tire the muscle out a lot with a few consecutive hard sessions and it would probably reappear.

    ill try the tennis ball method.

    cheers for the help guys

  12. Find out if there is a college near you that teaches massage or sports massage. They are always looking for people to "learn on".

    I had a shoulder injury from weight training and just called up the local college, they said just come down on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Its free, your doing them a favor and its quite social. Ended up with 2 good mates a healed shoulder and a girlfriend.

    Also, you'll end up paying wads of cash to get your shoulder fixed, when you could save your money and get a full body massage twice a week.
  13. Try an Osteopath.
  14. Sports massage - probably the most painfull expereince i have had on a
  15. Tennis ball is good, massage once a week should be enough and the local colleges are great for free (or really cheap ones) as said above.

    Heat works well to relax muscles - hot water bottle in a towel, shower onto it or one of those wheat bag thingies. then gentle stretches.

    STRETCH post exercise - stretches work best held for about 30seconds 2-3 times.