MUSA and moving costs

Apologies if this is a repetition of previous enquiries....

My wife and I have decided that we will buy a house where she will reside with the kids, we are currently in SFA but this is my first posting as a PAD, we paid our own move into the MQ which I believe is our first move. Can we be moved to a private address from our current MQ at public expense?

Also, do I qualify for MUSA as it is our decision for me to serve away from the family and live in the Mess and not a requirement imposed upon me by the Army.

Any advice from all you clever AGC types most welcome (apart from the usual one that ends with 'off' :wink: )
Is this move due to a posting? Are you going to be in the same theatre as your wife? Are there any other reasons for the move other than wanting to have your wife in your own house? have you just reached the age of 37 during a posting? The answers to these questions & more have a bearing on entitlements, best advice is to speak to your own RAO first - they should be aware of your circumstances and should be able ask for further information needed to give you the correct advice. If you are not happy with advice given or would like confirmation post again or PM me.

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