Murrayfield renamed Choke Park

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by LtTrousersnake, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. I was at Murrayfield yesterday watching Ireland struggle to win against a dogged Scottish 15.

    What happened at the end to O'Gara? O'Sullivan had the same view I had which was inconclusive yet accused Scotland of trying to kill Ronan O'Gara.

    Have since watched highlights, the incident was weird! O'Gara takes the ball into the forwards (brave man) and is tackled by Hogg and Hines! Hines is instantly visible at the side of the ruck making him innocent! Hogg is the last man up apart from O'Gara. He must be the man?

    I just can't for the life of me see what he did or how he did it! There are many camera angles so what went on?

    Can anyone tell me what went on? Will any action be taken against Hogg?
  2. He was landed on, there were no arms anywhere. Trying to breathe with 40 Stone of Porridge-muncher on you isn't easy at the best of times. He is a little'un as well, that Ronan.
  3. Reminds me of losing my virginity!
  4. He's 6ft and 13 stone. Not what I'd call a little 'un!
  5. I've had a good butcher's at this incident too, and I can't really make out anybody choking O'Gara; at least not from the attitudes and angles of the bodies in the pile. But it really is hard to say.

    I think the most likely explanation is Praetorian's, i.e. that he was simply crushed by the weight of all the Jocks on top of him. I wonder what findings an inquiry will come up with.

  6. I think you'll be proven correct here, but does that mean that O'Sullivan should retract his accusations? Words like that create bad feeling! His own Irish side are very gifted but they too can mix it when they choose.

    Brian O'Driscoll gets away with murder and Shane Horgan is the most petty international rugby player. Horgan got in so many cheap shots in Dublin against England and on satrday was at his winging best. I hate him. He is the only bad element in an otherwise great Ireland team.

    Oh and he is an ugly c*nt
  7. oldbaldy

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  8. Numbnuts O'Sullivan wont retract because the only other possible explanation would be that O'Gara had actually been knocked out so would be automatically banned for the next game suffering from concussion.

    BOD should have been off the park for the cheap shotting and chopsin off to the ref he was doing on Saturday.

    I hope that Scotland get Ireland in the World Cup because there is going to be a real bit of bad blood between the teams now :threaten:
  9. I think Scotland can only meet Ireland if they top their group by beating France. That is if either France or Ireland can beat the Pumas. Correct me me if I am wrong about the group fixtures. Oh, and Scotland have to attempt to beat Italy. It would not surprise a lot of people if Italy, Argentina and W Samoa all made the quarter finals.
  10. No you're right about the group stages but Scotland could top their group after beating the ABs.......YOU AT THE BACK STOP LAUGHING

    IF Scotland don't play the stupid tactics they did against the Italians then they should beat them, we gifted them 21 points and continually threw away kickable penalties in the early stages of the game when they needed to get the scoreboard moving.
  11. There is a clue. You can't choke someone without ANYONE in the ruck seeing. Is EOS saying ROG was choked and no Paddy kicked off. Either lies or even his team think Ronan is a To55er.

    CV I thınk you have got it right!
  12. Am off to Paris on Saturday........................come on Scotland!

    This is the big test before the World Cup.

    My Scotland 15 for September is as follows:

    15. R Lamont
    14. S Lamont
    13. R Dewey
    12. A Henderson
    11. N Walker
    10. C Paterson
    9. M Blair
    8. S Taylor
    7. A Hogg
    6. J White
    5. N Hines
    4. S Murray
    3. E Murray
    2. R Ford
    1. G Kerr

    The only possible change would be if Beattie can shine as a genuine no.8 then I would play J White in the second row (like Sale do regularly).

    Sadly, Scotland with this team, can never beat NZ.............not ever!

    My tactics for the WC

    1. Rest the entire 1st XV against the All Blacks.
    2. Beat everyone else to reach the final.
    3. Rest the entire 1st XV in the final against the All least let them enjoy the final with a few beers.
  13. Did anybody catch what the penalty was for in the last seconds during the alleged and now dismissed choking a paddy, I was far to irate to concentrate by that time, oh and I'm a Prop so I have never been expected to understand those rule things all the backs talk about
  14. Cos I hate my laptop
  15. Compared to everyone else on the pitch........

    Such as O'Connell. Thats what I mean by little 'un, its merely a question of scale.