Murray Wins!

Brilliant! Murray wins in 4 sets.

Murray vs Federer in the Final.

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Was Watching the Game, he played brilliantly, a few too many Double Faults but his Aces, i think he got something like 22! Awesome game!
Feck me you wasted no time, was about to post this.
Well done on a magnificent Murray, my mate owes me money. But i believe Murray will be too shattered for tommorow, unless he pulls off some superman shit.
great end to a crap day, Although I wouldnt be suprised if the FIA strip him of his wim because he drives a Mercedes.
That's great, only a couple of weeks ago, Murray was getting slagged off for his abysmal performance in the Olympics by the same bunch of posters ( on the other thread as well), you bunch of fickle barstewards, make your mind up now, permanent Murray fans or not, you can't have it both ways.
First Brit since Fred Perry in '36 to achieve a Grandslam??

I assume that's sporting grandslam not a squaddie grandslam :D

Well done Murray - good luck in the Final - but get a haircut FFS!!! :D

edited for brain and digits being unco-ordinated....
I look forward to his glorious failure and consequent lionisation by the British Press and establishment.

Andy Murray is a miserable Po faced twart. I take no pleasure in his winning, but I am not so miserable as to not recognise what an achievement it was.

I hope Federer gubs him.

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