Murray wins wimbledon

I am going to buck the trend on ARRSE and say well done Murray.


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Good to see he has retained his Britishness and has not reverted to being Scottish! :twisted:
Well done Murray. Maybe one day England will have a player that can win Wimbledon. ;)

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I'm not a follower of sport, but in this instance I think Bradley Henman is deserving of a Knighthood.
Scotch ****!

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Nice to see Alex Salmond waving the Scottish flag right behind Cameron's back after the wonder they were checking for knives as the spectators came in.
******* nailed it in straight sets, now that's a pretty damn fine piece of work.
Lovely boy. Beat a fellow Scot Jock O' Vitch
Some squaddie just nicked the Wimbledon cup out of Murray's grasp....good drills that will be in the Squadron bar tomorrow
His bird looked like she was foaming at the gash towards the end, I bet he is in for the shag of his life tonight - maybe that'll cheer him up!
I think that we have witnessed a unique sporting moment this afternoon....nay, a miracle!

Andy Murray cracking a smile!
So only Lewis Hamilton let the sporting side down this weekend. Miserable Swiss twat


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Must be a bit disappointing for the Lawn Tennis Assocation having ploughed millions into the development of the game at grass roots and up to see a British Winner who didn't come up through their system!

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