Murray is out....BRILLIANT...!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Santa_Sunday, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I know this has been covered before, however:

    I was completely apathetic toward young Master Murray prior to Wimbledon, but after his petulant outburst about supporting anyone who played England in the World Cup, I thought that I would mirror his petulance.

    You can imagine how pleased I was, therefore, to see that he has been totally out-classed by a complete unknown and dumped out of Wimbledon in spectacular style – especially after he beat Roddick in the last round

    Up yours you pouting, self-centred, ‘think you're better than you are’ Jock snatch.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. He'll be able to have an EXTRA long lie in tomorrow. The umpire should have ensured this by getting down from his chair and battering him for his attitude. And he was holding his back whilst getting stuffed; bring on the trainer I'm getting thrashed.
  3. [​IMG]

    Is it just me or is there a strong resemblance in profile to Butthead?

  4. Unknown? Baghaditis is a seed at wimbledon this year and is actually a pretty good "cypriot". (greek cypriot). To be fair to Murray his next commends regarding the england - portugal game were far more supportive (after roddick match). Also remember Roddick was no.3 seed.

    This whole england vs scotland thing is really getting on my tits now; quite honestly in england vs scotland I'm obviously going to support england - but I'd Mr Kilted Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop and his fellow jocks slaughtered jonny foreigner on the sports field than watch some fcuking french/spannish/insert w*nker nation ponce flounce around celebrating beating a nation of the United Kingdom.

    Cnuts the lot of them... :p
  5. And i bet his public change of stance had nothing to do with his agent gripping him and reminding him of his sponsors.
  6. they seeded Henman year after year and he was shyte....what's your point..???
    not me mate....
  7. No, it's not just you :D
  9. He made the semi-finals twice and the quarters quite a few times - that's not shtye. Give the man credit where credit is due. Not only was he by far and away our best hope for years - but he also outperformed the tennis stars of many similar competing nations when at Wimbledon.
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I for one am chuffed to bits the gobshite, England-hating tw@t is out, makes me proud i'm not a jock once more.

    Having got totally fed up of giving the jocks support when they blatantly hate us, i now delight in their multitude of failures.

    Anyone remember Alan Baxter? Thats right, the skier who won a bronze medal for Team GB in Salt Lake City, and announced he wanted his achievement to be remembered as scottish, not British. Then he was stripped of it when he tested positive for drugs, the lying cheating scottish cnut.
  11. Did you notice he is refered to a Scotish when he was winning and British when he lost.

    Makes you sick.
  12. santa sunday wrote
    Up yours you pouting, self-centred, ‘think you're better than you are’ Jock snatch.

    You wouldn't be bitter about England getting beat would you ? why don't you throw a few plastic chairs about get it all out now. Better still buy the Sun and find a scapegoat for the defeat rather than admit your top star is a bit of a chav with a hair trigger temper.
    Murray is a teenager who at least admits he played pants and has a realistic idea to his skill level and prospects. Does that ring a bell ?The two games don't compare. England and Scotland are two seperate footballing nations. There are 55 million English... why are you all so hung up about wanting 6 million sweaties to support you as well. I support Murray as a Brit when he represents Britain and as a sweaty when he represents Scotland. Not to hard to work out is it ? Wouldn't the same happen with an English person supporting Henman ?
  13. Murray looked like he was on drugs. Mogadon !!!
  14. Must admit I must confess to a certain amount of "Schaden Freude" at the inevitable failure Murray. Just the thing to cheer an Englishman up after the World Cup exit. For those of a Scottish persuasion, the World Cup is a football tournament where the best footballing nations in the world compete and foreign teams cheat England out of their rightful victory.

    As a matter of fact, I’m not overly bothered about the England football team – never really have been. As you rightly point out, they are followed by beer-swilling chair throwers and, worse still, fcuking ‘tele-clappers’ who appear from nowhere every 2 years to take over the pub screaming ‘Come on Beckham” when Ashley Cole has the ball.

    I’m more of a club man myself and am used to sitting on my hands watching shyte. After all, I have been an Everton fan all my life.

    So in answer to your question, no I am not in the slightest bitter about England’s exit. It is all about that petulant ‘ginger whinger’. He could play tiddly-winks or chess for all I care. I am just glad to see the knobhead out. And as for Henman, look back up the thread... I think you will find that I have an equally low onion of his sporting prowess. The biggest choker in British sport since Colin Montgomery.

    Thanks for your input though….