Murdochs Journalists Involved in Criminal Acts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Oh Dear Oh Dear

  2. What a surprise-Step forward Gavin Burrows(PI)
  3. So what? The Telegraph bent the rules to bring us the MP expenses story...

    Some times journalists have to employ unsavoury methods to reveal unsavoury stories.

    It's a necessary evil - but on the whole it's better to know what the bastards are up to...
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Murdoch is immune from prosecution on account of how stinking rich he is, as shown in The World is not Enough, where he was played by Jonathan Pryce. We just need Mr. Bond to take him out, with the help of the they would ever fcuking help.
  5. The law should only be broken when the supreme public interest is at stake - I can't see anything the NotW doing even coming close, they don't exactly share a 'common focus' with the likes of the Telegraph.
  6. So why hasn't Cameron sacked his trusted new Communications Chief, ex-NOTW muck-raker, Andy Coulson?

    Hmm. Could it be because Coulson has, through fair means or foul, got the full filth on Cameron's mate, George Osborne's 'encounters' with a rather fruity lady?

    And why have the police not bothered to chase up an investigation?

    Hmm. Could it be because the NOTW's blaggers have got a lot of filth about a series of officers involved in current and ongoing investigations?

    The problem with investigating or punishing blaggers is that you just don't know what they might have on you. And there are thousands of people flagged up as being on the phone-tapping list.

    That sort of fear tends to dampen the desire to hold a full and public inquiry - or indeed to sack those responsible.
  7. Old news, the perpetrators have been to court, been sentenced and been released. Nothing new here move along.
  8. Not sure that's quite the case bob. Two went down, with a guilty plea from Goodman, but there's no way they were the only ones.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I am reminded of the court room scene in the untouchables where Ness argues with the Judge over the "ledger"
    "How did you get him to do what you want"
    "I told him his name was in it "
    "No it's not"
    "He dosen't know that"


    Has Mandleson and Labour released these facts in the hope Coulson will get the bullet and then turn round and spill the beans on the Tories activities
  10. Even Scotland Yard are admitting there is nothing to investigate, old story, old news. Some sh1t stirring by the Prince of Darkness against Coulson, but there is no story here.
  11. NoW aint fit for wrapping doo toffee and the thought of murdoch having to pay a few bob out karma...and most PI 's are ex plod so no surprise how they scavenge info.


    move on nothing to see here...
  12. If you don't like what they print or how they get their info - don't buy the paper.
  13. Your right there, strange how all the outraged are New Labour hardliners
  14. Yep, those New Labour types the Lib Dems are calling for an inquiry :roll:
  15. The Libdems would call for a round in the local pub if it got them one line in the news