Murdoch wants the Wall Street Journal

Murdoch the Greedy is making a serious bid to take over the Wall Street Journal. Apparently the Bancroft family, who hold the majority in the parent company Dow Jones and Co, are concerned about the influence he might want to take on editorial independence and seek reassurances on that point.

On the other hand, if he’s not going to try and exert influence, why take over the rag in the first place? Apart from that, he’s got previous.
Harold Evans, the former editor of The Times of London, wrote in his book, “Good Times, Bad Times,” he once challenged Mr. Murdoch about violating his pledge of editorial autonomy. And what, according to Mr. Evans, was Mr. Murdoch’s reply about that promise? “They’re not worth the paper they’re written on."
Taken from this article:
Very strange goings-on indeed. But how loadsa dosh can make people change their minds, eh?

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