Murdoch Threatens to Shut Down Sky New

10 million loss is nothing
Disney take it over ? The purpose built news rooms are in the centre of the building at Owstery (sp)
I worked for him 1986(strike)-1997 in the UK, US and Europe including the set up of Sky
Interesting times
Hidden away is another angle that may have Rupert a tad concerned, the matter of how the Saudis have offloaded their stake in Murdoch's empire, meaning that a key ally has gone and that seemingly means Murdoch is now open and vulnerable to any "rebellion" by other shareholders.

Methinks there may be more to this story than meets the eye, for it looks like there's trouble brewing at Fox HQ
I'm going to have to watch Drop the dead donkey again now.
Series 1, Episode 1 - DD's character is firmly established when Alex makes George confiscate Dimbles, the forlorn teddy bear that Damien always carries in his bag, ready to "enhance" footage of tragic scenes of death and destruction. Along with the child's blood-stained plimsoll...
Kay Burley.
Job Seekers allowance
Wearing green jump suit collecting rubbish off the M4 hard shoulders in a team of forced labour gangs.

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