Murdoch get amnesia and suddenly greatest man in the world is rather silly old man

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bokkatankie, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else watching the comedy show on Sky. Poor little old man is getting all upset.
  2. I cant make my mind up whether he is a confused old duffer, or a very astute and clever old fox.

    My moneys on the first but I could be wrong.
  3. I think this is the game they are playing; he will step down, as a shareholder, watching today would you have any confidence in his ability to run the company?

    Soon the audience will be crying leave the poor old man alone!
  4. Was about to start a thread on this myself :) He certainly doesn't seem to have much of a grip on what's going on in his companies. Can see the shares in News Corp going into freefall unless James pulls off a miracle. Makes for damn good TV.
  5. Don't be fooled, previous employees have reported that he mumbles, talks to himself when being presented to, drifts off on other subjects but instantly talks over you forcibly when he spots an error. A bit like Sugar but more money and power. Clever old ******.
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  6. I wouldnt have confidence in him running a bingo game, the son on the other hand is showing all the signs of being as slippery as a slippery thing, he's the one to watch!!
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  7. NotW, NC and NI have only been doing (allegedly along with other newspapers) been doing what the russians do 24 hours a day, through their trade mission and embassy, and that is listen into ALL mobile phone calls or calls by microwave link, into and out of London. Unfortunately for Murdoch, they did it underhand, using bribery and illicit payments, allegedly.

    Can't wait for the selective amnesia from Ms Brooks
  8. There's an awful lot of long pauses and hesitation before/while answering the questions, I reckon Murdoch jnr is going to need help getting off that chair his arse is proberbly clamped like a vice on it right now.
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  9. Now we are into the "I have no knowledge of this" show.

    Lots of plausible deniability going on.
  10. He probably genuinely doesn't know the answers to a lot of these questions.
    He is an incredibly wealthy man who owns a huge business, I doubt he is interested or aware of what were (until very recently) minor operational details.
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  11. From what I have seen this is a charade by the Murdoch's Rupert playing the frail old man and James trying to protect him, we are sorry, we didn't know. Arrest the buggers and lock them up.
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  12. Slightly off topic but would anyone else love a soapy massage with a happy ending from Murdoch's mama-san back there?
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  13. The I do not know is coming from both Murdochs and they have had plenty of time to prepare!
  14. Not too sure about that, but I am waiting for Louise Mensch to make an appearence.
  15. Ernest saunders ?
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