Murders hit close to home...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Khyros, Jul 24, 2007.

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    My wife worked on projects with the mother in the local junior chamber of commerce and my sister in law and her husband are co-workers of the father. I know one of the officers who arrived early on the scene and got the details from him.

    The attack was totally random... the two bastards went to a weathly section of town and started trying doors... theirs was unlocked. They found the father asleep on the couch and bashed his head in with a baseball bat then attacked and raped the wife and daughters. Not even the ten year old was spared. When the bank opened in the AM they forced the woman to withdraw 15k (largest amount that can be taken out in cash without requiring a security check) and she managed to get a message to the teller who immediately called the police. When the officers arrived they found the house going up in flames. All three females were DOA and the husband was in dire need of emergency medical treatment with a massive skull fracture and a severe concussion.

    The suspects were arrested just outside the scene of the crime and have confessed to their actions. Apparently they had met in jail and were released recently. No word on prior convictions but I'm willing to bet they were bad enough to be considered a threat to society.
  2. That is f*cking hideous.

    my condolences

    I hope they fry for that

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Sick Bastards. One would hope that they are removed from the gene pool in a permenent way.
  4. My condolences to all. I hope they get whatever Dr Petit thinks is appropriate.
  5. What can anyone say to that. Lost for words... My condolences to all those affected.

  6. These men should be tortured to death. They're too fcuked up to suffer any other way.

  7. Not enough, if you ask me!
  8. They sat on this information for over 24 hours which is very unusual... got a bad feeling our justice system is going to look like crap when the full details emerge. Sad fact is over 80% of violent crime here is commited by repeat offenders who have already done time.
  10. Very sorry to hear about that Khyros. It's a sad indictment of the society that both our countries are experiencing.
  11. Kyhros that is horrible i cant and dont want to even begin to imagine what those poor people went through, makes you wonder how these people sleep nights..

    May the victims rest in peace
    and may the criminals rot in hell.
  12. Condolances, mate.

    Do they have the Death Penality there? I sincerely hope so - although a quick death is far too merciful.

    Fcuking scum like that should be use for medical experiments until they die screaming in agony.

    I hope the Devil stocks a special fire, just for them.
  13. We do have the death penalty here in CT... problem is there are two prosecuters and one is less than favorable of it. The horrific nature of this crime (possibly the worst case we have seen in more than a decade) might be enough to sway even the most liberal person in favor of it.

    Personally... I believe that if a person commits rape or premeditated murder they have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that they are a major threat to society and need to be culled rather than boarded at the tax payer's expense.

    Scotlass, the sociopaths who commited this have no problems sleeping... they are amoral and lack a conscience.
  14. Well at least they have the death sentence to look forward to ..thank god they are not in this country they would probably be released after a couple of years and be re-establised back into society.

    I have strong feelings about murderers sadly this was the same way my young cousin's life was ended. The thing is until it happens to one of your own you don't realise the impact a murder actually has.

    My condolences to all the people involved in this very sad and tragic matter x